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The mushrooming of contemporary museums

There used to be a time when collections of art and memorabilia would remain hidden in private homes or perish with time down the generations. Today, the modern collector in India is much more confident and pragmatic about their legacy. Family will not always be interested in taking care of your collection after you’re gone. […]... Read More


Chancing upon an epic

Stepping into Serendipity Arts Festival would mean chancing upon an India that has remained elusive to you, that you have kept your mind shut from and have failed to explore beyond the comfortable walls of your urban existence. Did you think Indian puppetry was just about the Rajasthani kathputli? Or classical dance was just about […]... Read More

Celebrating the life and work of yesteryear icon Talat Mahmood through music and dance

Jashn-e-Talat by Sahar Zaman is a unique event curated in memory of  the legendary singer and actor Talat Mahmood. Mahmood was one of the most popular singers of India, known for his soft, velvety voice. He was a significant part of the golden era of the Indian music film industry, gave several memorable hits from […]... Read More

This blog is my child’s digital legacy

I never paid much attention to Mother’s Day. I had a mom who was there for me 24/7. Coming from a middle-class nuclear family with no outside help, “being mom” was indeed a full time job. And she was more than happy about giving up her interest in an arts and interiors practice to be […]... Read More

Let there be light: Designs that sparkle and glow in the dark

Q. You’ve been an arts journalist for a while now — was creating art of your own always a simultaneous process or was it a more recent phenomenon? A. Creating my own art is certainly more recent. I’ve been an arts journalist for almost 15 years, starting from an arts radio show at AIR for […]... Read More


World music gets a fitting tribute in festive Udaipur

The latest edition of Udaipur World Music Festival hosted bands from around the world and reconfirmed one’s faith in the universality of music, writes Sahar Zaman.   Sipping on my morning chai at Amraighaat, enjoying the cool breeze at Lake Pichola in Udaipur with an unlikely perk of listening to Spanish flamenco. While Rocio Marquez […]... Read More

Festival of memories and a tribute to India’s musical genius, Talat Mahmood

Jashn-e-Talat by Sahar Zaman, a celebration of the life and work of yesteryear icon Talat Mahmood, was organised at Delhi’s India Islamic Cultural Centre on 4 March. The dance-and-music concert was curated and organised by the legendary singer and actor’s grandniece, Sahar Zaman. Zaman first thought about organising the event in 2015 and it took […]... Read More

Buzzword: Congress has no use for Sheila

Buzzword: Congress has no use for Sheila

Congress has no use for Sheila Sheila Dikhsit, the Congress’ face for the chief ministership of Uttar Pradesh, is likely to be sacrificed by the party as it gets ready to launch an all-out attack on the Prime Minister. The so-called Sahara documents, which features Narendra Modi’s name and which have been described as fake […]... Read More