Photos: Various Photographers

Text: Guardian 20

These images are from the exhibition 30@30.30, a group show which is on view at the Dinodia Gallery in Mumbai. Though the gallery was started four years ago by Jagdish Agarwal, the Dinodia Picture Agency by Agarwal came into being in 1987, making it the first photo agency of India running on international photo agency systems. Agarwal had the experience of submitting pictures to
international picture agencies, which led him to start this endeavour. Not just this, Dinodia was the first photo agency in India to shoot assignments in India for clients from all over the world.

The present exhibition aims to present and honour photographers associated with the gallery for the past 30 years. These photographers have done considerable work in their respective fields, and won countless awards and accolades. According to Agarwal, “1 April 2016 marks the 30th year of Dinodia Picture Agency. As a proud part of this progress I wanted to document the blossoming of my dream through various photographers. I also wanted to give due credit to the photographers and their excellent photographs.”

The exhibition is on view till the end of June 2017