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Danish furniture brand sets up shop in Delhi offering top designs

LifestyleDanish furniture brand sets up shop in Delhi offering top designs

BoConcept, a furniture firm from Europe, is the ultimate destination for modern and contemporary furniture. It was started in Denmark in 1952. Theirs has been a long convention of creating high-quality design furniture at affordable prices. BoConcept stepped in and launched its first flagship store in Delhi-NCR earlier this month.

BoConcept stands for creating your own living concept. Part of the brand’s name is Bo, a Danish name for living. Founded by two Danish craftsmen, Jens Ærthøj and TageMølholm in 1952, BoConcept currently has more than 250 stores in over 60 countries around the globe. The outlet in the National Capital has 14 in-house studios and offer design advice about your home interior from their skilled consultants. Spread across 4500 sq. ft., the store offers a wide variety of home furniture and accessories ranging from small accessories — cushions, rugs, lamps — to complete furniture solution for the entire home — beds, sofas, chairs, etc.

They are making modern design furniture available to the urban-minded customer. BoConcept home furnishings are created for people who love design, energy and the hip in all aspects of life. They also offer customized, coordinated and affordable design. The designers are dedicated to urban life and functionality but hold their background, ideas and approaches when creating the many beautiful pieces with international appeal, just for BoConcept.

NavinKhanna, Director, BoConcept India, Delhi, feels that the taste and fashion of the crowd in the national capital is evolving each day and says, “We are extremely excited with the launch of the BoConcept flagship store in the capital. I believe that the well travelled discerning buyer of New Delhi would be able to identify with our product offerings. There is a void in the interior space for high quality finished product designed by world-class designers. We believe that BoConcept will successfully fill that void in the market. What makes us even more unique is our ability to customize each piece to suit the individual style of our buyers. It’s more than a great design, it’s a concept.”

“Our USP is our modern design and straight lines, which is quite unique to our kind of furniture, boconcepting from Denmark. So we are totally inspired by Scandinavian design that is something which is quite unique to us. We also call our furniture functional as well, so all of our pieces of furniture are gone for they are really meant for. Our coffee tables open up into dining tables. That’s why you need our brand,” he says.

Asked about the competition that BoConcept may be facing with other brands, Naveen says, “We are not really doing something different but our store in itself is quite unique because we have different studios and all the studios have been styled by BoConcept designers from Denmark with the accessories that have been curated by BoConcept and also sold under the label of BoConcept. So, that is complete, and gives more holistic appearance to our studio, which is different from most other furniture stores that you have in the city.”

“This brand anyway has lots of recognition as far as people are concerned. The brand has 300 stores across the world. They all readily associate BoConcept with really good quality and design furniture. So we don’t have a strategy as such but we are going to ensure through our channel of marketing, and will try letting our costumers know more about the brand. We will constantly update our store as well as our online page, for the latest update for our customers,” Naveen informs Guardian 20.

BoConcept has a team of in-house designers who try to design the perfect furniture and accessories helping their customers realize their dream homes. Built with passion and persistence, the brand’s mission is to spoil the urban customer with affordable modern furniture and accessories. BoConcept takes pride in achieving the best results for their customers. The Interior designers at BoConcept care about furniture and urban design as much as you do. BoConcept’s design and product knowledge can surely help you make the best choices for your spaces.


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