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5G will help India achieve its $5 trillion GDP target

Business5G will help India achieve its $5 trillion GDP target

Indian economy will reap many benefits, helping it to inch closer to the $5 trillion mark.

5G technology represents the next generation standard of wireless communication, seamlessly connecting devices, machines, businesses, and people. This is an astounding breakthrough in the form of mobile connectivity.
5G technology is enabling a more uniform user experience and the emergence of new services, applications and experiences which are connecting the world at a breakneck pace.
Services, products, and business pertaining to IoT, AI, smart buildings, self-driving cars, automated factories, AR/VR experiences, ultra-HD live streaming, tele-surgery, etc. are all being made possible thanks to a 5G network’s Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC), and Machine Machine-Type Communication (MMTC).

Industrial 5G for the Industry of Tomorrow
Industrial 5G will change the way we make decisions, manufacture products, and maintain factories. Industry 5.0, the smart factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)–these are the future of industrial manufacturing.
Designing production plants and intra-logistics to be more flexible, autonomous, and efficient requires the right communication framework and comprehensive connectivity which is precisely what 5G offers.
There is already talk of applications such as mobile robots in production, autonomous vehicles in the transportation and logistics sectors, IIoT, augmented reality applications for service and maintenance technicians, and virtual reality applications for users.
But all these applications place demands that would unsustainably push today’s networks to their limits. The unprecedented reliability, extremely low latencies, and comprehensive IIoT connectivity of Industrial 5G can clear the way for important new prospects and boost innovation.

A Great Boost for Telecom
The arrival of 5G technology in India also presents an immense opportunity to add a gargantuan $450 billion to the Indian economy. If we do further number crunching, we will discover that India is poised to have upwards of $330 million. The telecom industry will benefit greatly from this opportunity, and the Indian economy will reap several benefits, inching closer to successfully materialize the $5 trillion agenda.
Mayurakshi Das is Founder & CEO at ElixirAI Pvt Ltd.

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