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‘Lyne aims to be India’s most trusted consumer electronics firm’

Business‘Lyne aims to be India’s most trusted consumer electronics firm’

Launched in July 2022, Lyne by U&I is an innovative mobile devices and accessories brand with product selection that is one-of-a-kind and unrivalled in terms of quality and value. The company was founded by Meet Vij, Paresh Vij, and Navin Vij, who launched Lyne with the goal of delivering functional and high-quality products and services to its vast client base. The company aims to make it a one-stop solution for all mobile accessory related needs and is modelled around their legacy family business. The brand is endorsed by celebrities like Vidyut Jammwal and Ananya Pandey, and has come out with over 50 products in 10 categories. Their main high-demand products include smart watches, data cables, neckbands, and earbuds. Lyne products start with an affordable price range of Rs 499, owing to its six international manufacturing units and a packaging unit in India. It plans to establish more domestic units in the upcoming months to meet consumer demand. In an interaction, Meet Vij talked about how Lyne was formed, and the future plans the company has for the brand. Excerpts:
Q: Tell us a little bit about Lyne and the journey that led to its inception.
A: Lyne by U&i is an innovative mobile device and accessories brand with a product selection that is one-of-a-kind and is both premium and adorable. We launched the company with the goal of delivering functional and high-quality products and services to its vast client base, making it a one-stop solution for all mobile accessory related needs. Lyne was particularly modelled around our legacy family business, with my father, Navin Vij, and my uncle, Paresh Vij, as co-founders. Lyne currently has over 60 products in 10 categories, including smart watches, data cables, neckbands, earbuds, speakers, etc. Prior to this, our parent company, U&i, established itself as one of India’s most sought-after consumer electronics brands with a wide product range and superior customer service.
While looking at our previous statistics, we realised that we already had a penetration rate of 70% in the affordable consumer tech market. But we also wanted to enter the premium market with expectations higher than what U&i had established for themselves. With this thought, we “dared to dream” the idea of Lyne.
Q: Tell us a bit about your distributor chain. How did your previous ventures help you with this with Lyne?
A: After spending years working in the consumer tech market, we have established a reputation and goodwill among all of our stakeholders, including producers, distributors, dealers, and retailers. We have always taken maintaining this relationship as a priority. This helped us a lot with Lyne as these stakeholders trusted us and expected us to provide them with the quality of products and services that were on par with industry standards.
Similarly, our previous experiences with U&I helped us have a smooth and robust distribution chain as well. We utilised our previous connections with a few selected super stockists.
This helped us cut down our efforts by half and efficiently work on the supply of inventory. These super-stockists then use their distribution network to finalise the distributors who’ll be getting the product for further sales. These distribution channels are spread across India, except for a few states such as Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Jammu & Kashmir. We’re working on establishing chains in these states by the end of September.
Q: How does Lyne plan to stand out from other products available on the market?
A: Lyne believes in doing innovation through collaborative development. We aim to provide our customers with bold, sleek, and durable products at a price range that is unmatchable. We see that there is a very small part of the industry that serves customers that wish to buy genuine but affordable products. Our products were designed in a way that gave them the best of both worlds.
Moreover, we will be soon launching new products across categories, such as smart watches with power banks. We wish to come up with such innovative and advanced products that no other brand has.
Products like these stand out from other available options in the market. We acknowledge that the absorption of such products is very high in India and can be a major asset to us. We feel that this will enable Lyne to become one of India’s most trusted consumer electronics companies.

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