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Homegrown label Bunaai makes a mark in the ethnic fusionwear category

Homegrown label Bunaai makes a mark in the ethnic fusionwear category

The Indian fashion aesthetic is beautiful in its own right. However when it’s paired with western trends, it has the potential to elevate one’s sartorial elegance even further. Homegrown label Bunaai, an ethnic and fusion womenswear brand, specialises in doing so.
Founded by Pari Choudhary in 2016, Bunaai seeks to redefine the landscape of ethnic and fusion fashion. Hence, their latest Spring Summer 2024 collection, offers dresses with an ethnic spin to elevate your summer style.

“Bunaai’s latest Spring Summer 2024 collection is filled with meticulously crafted dresses that will elevate your summer style and bring a breath of fresh air to sunny days. This collection embodies the vibrant spirit of summer with its dazzling array of hues and effortless yet captivating style,” explains Choudhary.

The collection’s versatile palette ranges from serene pastels to earthy tones, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Another element incorporated into this collection is the colour blocking trend on pure cotton fabrics to add visual appeal to classic silhouettes. Choudhary adds, “In this collection, luxurious comfort meets breathability, which makes the clothes perfect for warmer months. Maxi dresses offer flattering silhouettes with diverse necklines for comfort and elegance. Crafted from lightweight cotton, they ensure comfort on sunny days, ideal for any occasion from getaways to brunches. The collection also features garments crafted from pure cotton, which makes it easier to wear in the scorching heat.”

Choudhary’s love for fashion started when she was a teenager. She loved creating beautiful versions of clothing and as time passed by, her passion kept growing. She dreamt of being an entrepreneur at the age of 17, starting her personal blog back in 2014. After finishing college in 2016, she launched Bunaai.

“My vision with this ready-to-wear brand was to offer versatile yet powerful casualwear for women of all ages. Right from my childhood, I have been very close to the culture and tradition of my homeland, Rajasthan. Hence bringing experimental textiles, vibrant prints, and detailed craftsmanship, for every woman out there to try has always been a passion of mine and will continue to be so,” she says.

“Along with my amazing team, I have worked very diligently to deliver more than a million orders out in the world. Be it through digital marketing or customer servicing, we left no stone unturned whilst providing our customers the latest ethnic styles. And today, we are glad that Bunaai is one of the most trusted brands.”

Choudhary describes the USP of Bunaai as providing their valued customers, who are referred to as #WomenOfBunaai, with the latest fashion styles and keeping them up to date with trends while remaining true to their roots and heritage. With collections crafted in traditional designs and prints in modern silhouettes, Bunaai does the job admirably.

“In my opinion, being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to unfollow the traditional prints and styles of clothing. Rather, it means being able to carry off a style with a sense of confidence and beauty. And with the same vision, we try to offer every woman a one-stop destination for exquisite style and latest trends, under one platform. With every collection, we try our best to stay updated with market trends. So, whether it is traditional suit sets or new age jumpsuits or dresses, or even quirky jewellery, we aim to be a one-stop-shop for all ages of women. Women have always been pitted against beauty standards set by society. As the founder and creative head of a woman-oriented brand and being a woman myself, my aim is to bring designs that let every woman look and feel beautiful. For we are beautiful in every form, size and shape,” she shares.

For this season, Bunaai has jumped on the popular butter yellow colour trend along with a host of other brands. Describing it as the colour of the season because it radiates warmth and elegance, Choudhary feels this soft, velvety shade captures a sense of joy and optimism. This makes it the perfect choice to add a touch of brightness to any outfit or décor item. In Choudhary’s words, “Its timeless appeal and gentle luminosity evoke feelings of comfort and sophistication, making butter yellow a versatile and uplifting hue for various styles and settings. Butter yellow is more than just a trend, it’s a timeless colour that adds a touch of brightness and elegance to any environment.”

Bunaai’s clothing, with its traditional craftsmanship and contemporary allure, can be accessed online on their website. They ship their offerings worldwide. Concluding our chat, Choudhary says, “Bunaai is a testament to the core of timeless ethnic and fusion wear, curated to perfection for the empowered ‘Women of Bunaai’.”

Noor Anand Chawla pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog

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