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Let’s be together and make a difference

Let’s be together and make a difference

Our mother EARTH is an incredible planet in this whole universe and it’s a home to all the living beings . In the midst of nature’s charm, every living being discovers a chime of gratitude.

At the same time, OCEAN reminds us that no matter where on Earth we live, we are all connected to the sea. Ocean is our planet’s life support system. Every second breath we take in comes from the ocean. Do you know? Ocean gives us more than half the oxygen we breathe, and absorbs much of the carbon we throw into the atmosphere. Not only this, our entire climate depends on the ocean.

In today’s fast paced and modern world which is full of technology, most people know that lots of harm has been done to our Planet. Do you all know, the world and our planet was not always like this. The changes came slowly and slowly since the time humans have existed on Planet Earth. These changes were made for the betterment of human existence but a lot of the changes we have made have caused big problems and these problems are clearly visible.

We all know that our Planet is in danger and we have to act on this. We should thank all the environmentalists, campaigners, scientists, global organizations( working towards the cause of nature, ) who are doing efforts to make people around the world aware of these problems and who have called for change. As a matter of fact, to make a change, we have to do things mindfully and be a team. If we don’t change the way we are living, the day is not far behind that we will be heading towards disaster.

This year again Climate Week NYC with a theme, “We Can, We Will,” is serving as inspiration for making changes in our own lives to combat the climate crisis.

It started from September 17 and will end on September 24, 2023, marking the 15th year of the annual summit in New York City. Their mission is to help accelerate the race to a better world. A healthier, safer, fairer world for everyone which will be full of abundance and joy. To achieve this mission we need to run fast, and get faster. We need more and more people to join the race, and that too right now. This is not about 2030, it’s about today.

Without any doubts, many people have started taking actions and are trying to undo the harm done to the Planet. We must realise the great power and responsibility we have, as humankind. So let us stop thinking small as our mission is as big as the ocean. Let us roll up our sleeves because lots and lots more is still to be done, so let’s be together and start making sustainable choices which will definitely lead to a safer, cleaner, greener and healthier planet for all the present living beings and future generations.

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