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We are aiming to facilitate affordable healthcare for everyone: Pritika Singh

LifestyleWe are aiming to facilitate affordable healthcare for everyone: Pritika Singh

In an interview with G20, Pritika Singh, CEO of Prayag hospital & Research Center, talks about her endeavours, and how excruciating and unprecedented the pandemic has been. Excerpts:

Q. Would you enlighten our readers about your journey?
A. My parents are doctors, and my father wanted me to become a doctor like him.
But choosing a profession like a doctor was not my cup of tea. The journey was not that easy, but when you are passionate about your goal, you know how to make your own way.  I started working at the age of 18 as an employee in my family business under the top management team.
People thought I won›t last long in the business. But when you are passionate about your goal and you choose to succeed no matter what, with the right attitude and intentions, the whole universe supports you in myriad ways. Today I am very grateful for every challenge that came my way. I took the positives from every negative, and I used to say to myself that every tough situation has come my way to teach me and prepare me for the positive and one step closer to my goal.

Q. Tell us about the initiatives you have developed & executed in your health care arenas?
A. We have a department of thought medicine where we take up cases with complex doctors. No disease is untreatable. Our brain is the most powerful weapon in the entire universe. And the mind is what requires to be healed, to evolve, and overcome any situation.

Q. What differentiates Prayag Hospital from other hospitals?
A. At Prayag Hospital we do not follow a corporate setup or work culture. We follow our Indian values of hospitality and use them to treat patients, guests, and visitors. Our company tagline is ‘Seva parmo dharma’ and the tagline is the root of our company culture. We are known for our traditional hospitality, and personal touch with every customer we serve. Our biggest USP is we keep things transparent with not just our customers, but also our employees. We have a dedicated ward for BPL patients where we only charge medicine and procedural costs.

Q. How has Prayag been handling the excruciating pandemic?
A. The most important thing we focused on was the mental health of our employees. We also have meditation classes for staff to help them relax their minds and think more clearly. We did not terminate any employee during the lockdown. We had a team that counselled all the employees to ensure that they know we are with them. Times have been tough, but we have made sure to look after our staff as their service is what is valued the most, by us and customers.
There has of course been a rise in online consultation in the hospital industry.
We also have sanitization protocols in place.

Q. Tell us about your inspirations.
A. I strongly believe in ‘Seva parmo dharma’, and to achieve that I feel “if the opportunity doesn’t knock the door, build a door.” No one should ever have to sell their land or ornaments to save someone›s life. The focus should not just be on physical health but also prioritizing mental health is very important. Citizens should not have any hesitation when approaching a medical emergency.
Last but not least, I hope to create five thousand jobs in the next 5 years and give an opportunity to more doctors, health care workers, and others in this industry.
My aim to provide medical service in every corner of the country where people can walk with confidence for their medical treatment instead of financial hesitation. The aim to provide a group of hospitals that provide affordable and transparent treatment and cost. My target audience is the masses,  80% of the population who cannot afford 5-star medical treatment but needs medical treatment urgently.

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