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Discover paradise at luxurious island retreats in Maldives

LifestyleDiscover paradise at luxurious island retreats in Maldives

At Outrigger Maldives, guests can expect exceptional dining experiences accompanied by live music and a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.

Nestled amidst a kaleidoscope of blue hues and pristine white sands, the Maldives is an archipelago of around 1,200 idyllic islands dispersed across the Indian Ocean. These captivating islands provide luxurious sanctuaries for weary travellers seeking to escape the relentless pace of city life. Each island in the Maldives, following the “one island, one property” principle, offers distinct experiences ranging from ultra-luxury to semi-luxury and even budget-luxury options.
Board a seaplane from Velana International Airport in the capital city of Male, and in just 25 minutes, you’ll find yourself on a tiny, 350-metre-long island resort, an idyllic haven of overwater bungalows scattered across the Indian Ocean and tucked alongside white sand beaches. The Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru Resort, a recently acquired five-star property by the Outrigger Hospitality Group, seeks to deliver opulence and seclusion in this tropical paradise.
Envisioned as a barefoot island retreat, the resort is devoid of vehicles, allowing guests to connect intimately with nature. Beyond the stunning beaches, the island is a thriving ecosystem of indigenous trees and birdlife that encircle the resort, providing a fully immersive experience with the natural world.
The resort boasts 81 villas, comprising a blend of coveted overwater villas, beach villas, and duplex accommodations. 34 of the overwater villas feature private pools, allowing guests to revel in the luxury of infinity plunge pools overlooking the awe-inspiring Indian Ocean. Though 22 of the villas lack private plunge pools, each water villa grants direct access to the ocean and includes a sun deck that extends over the water.

The villas are adorned with contemporary designs, harmoniously fusing shades of white and blue to create a tranquil ambiance that echoes the laid-back Maldivian atmosphere.
Positioned in the South Ari Atoll, the resort is encircled by a dazzling tapestry of blue hues and boasts some of the finest marine aquatic life. Guests are provided with snorkelling equipment to delve into the mesmerising underwater realm, swimming with nurse sharks that occasionally frequent nearby beaches, marvelling at the vibrant coral formations, and immersing themselves in the aquatic world. Motorised water sports incur additional fees, while non-motorised water sports are complimentary.
Additionally, the resort offers whale and stingray excursions, transporting guests deep into the ocean to swim alongside these majestic creatures and marvel at the Maldives’ abundant marine biodiversity.
At Outrigger Maldives, guests can expect exceptional dining experiences accompanied by live music and a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. The resort permits guests to dine at any of its seven restaurants, with choices made during booking or upon check-in.
Each of the resort’s seven eateries, bars, and cafes is meticulously designed around a culinary theme. Cuisine Gallery is a buffet-style restaurant offering international delicacies and live cooking stations, while Moodhu Grill is a signature dining experience with five overwater platforms beneath the stars and above the coral reefs, serving delectable grilled fish, lobster, shrimp, and lamb steaks.
Art-i-San, Outrigger’s fine dining establishment, is perched atop the island’s highest point, providing the perfect setting for a romantic dinner date and featuring exquisite international cuisines. Koto, a traditional Japanese restaurant, invites guests to watch the culinary mastery of chefs at a Teppanyaki table. Additional dining options include Koffee n Chill and the Edgewater Bar, perfect for unwinding while sunbathing or admiring the breathtaking sunset.
The Maldives is also renowned for its bioluminescent beaches that twinkle like a celestial sky. Be sure to search for these minuscule organisms on the beaches surrounding Outrigger Maldives, as they transform the sands into a shimmering spectacle resembling a brilliant starlit night.

Outrigger serves as an idyllic destination for honeymooners, offering a range of bespoke plans to craft unforgettable memories for newlywed couples. From organizing a nighttime beach theatre to arranging a romantic beachside dinner, Outrigger ensures your special moments are nothing short of extraordinary.
A tropical island getaway would be incomplete without addressing the sunburn and fatigue that may accompany long days under the sun. To alleviate the effects of the scorching heat, the resort features a tranquil spa situated at the ocean’s edge, where guests can unwind and rejuvenate after a day filled with activities. The spa also incorporates a pool overlooking the ocean, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and restoration following a well-deserved spa treatment.
In summary, the Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru Resort is a haven of luxury, seclusion, and natural beauty, providing a range of activities and experiences for guests seeking an unforgettable escape from the urban jungle. From the enchanting overwater villas to the world-class dining experiences, and from the abundant marine life to the soothing spa treatments, the resort is a slice of paradise where dreams come to life.

Disclaimer: The trip to Maldives was on the invitation of the Maldivian government.

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