As much as we love the F&B scene of Delhi, we have to admit that there are not many options for us when we look for specific eateries for breakfast or brunch.

#Selfieccino is a food chain that has outlets all over India and now has entered the capital city in Pitampura to stir up the food scene. Talking about the ambiance, the venue has limited seating with quirky themed walls. The place gives welcoming vibes with retro music in the background, which makes it a good place to chill with friends and family.  Limited seating might bring a frown on your face, but that won’t matter much after you have tasted the food and their coffee.

As the name suggests, #Selfieccino is famous for its cappuccino where you can put your picture at the top of your coffee. Creativity is one thing, and the quality is another. And after paying a visit to this place, I was amazed that they have managed to keep up with the expectations in both the categories.

Jesal Desai, owner and CEO of #Selfieccino, said, “This option of having your portrait or personalised message  on your coffee, is the result of our successful acquirement of the technology, which we had been trying to get for a very long time. But the execution and implementation were big challenges. Every detail has been meticulously monitored. We have spent more than eight to ten months to get these concepts together for execution. Even the food items like Thickshakes or mocktails, have been added to the menu keeping in mind the fluctuating weathers of India. The best chefs and food consultants were brought on board for menu engineering. Even for research work, professional teams were hired.”

Well, this being a highlight of the place, they have also curated a well-crafted food menu. It includes a variety of waffles, churros, milkshakes and even mocktails. The recommended items from then menu would be Bubble Waffles and to be more specific, do not miss out on Nutty Nutella. Other than that, Churro Shots Fudgy Brownie Waffle, Exotic Blueberry Waffles, Oreo Frappe, Cold Coffee, Hazelnut Thick Shake and so on. One good news for the foodies is that they are open to home deliveries as well.

Overall, the place is pretty good considering the quality and price of the food here. Presentation is also something that one is definitely going to appreciate. So, I would recommend this place to all those who are looking for something different and are open to experimenting with good English breakfast.

#Selfieccino; 42/4, Chanderlok, Pitampura, New Delhi; Price for two: Rs 500