Neu Salonz, one of the prominent luxury salon chains in Delhi/NCR, has chosen to go the ecological way. In its endeavour to care about the environment, the salon has actively taken diverse steps.

The newly designed water taps in all its branches reduce wastage of water by almost 50%. Then there is the installation of energy-efficient LED light which reduces power consumption. Neu has also focused on a waste management system and their indoor plants reduce the carbon emissions to almost 0%.

While speaking about this new initiative, Vibhoar, director, Neu Salonz, says, “We are proud to be associating ourselves with such a critical cause of existence with sustainability. We take immense joy to project our contribution as a salon towards our environment and announce that our team has worked tirelessly in order to make this possible. Our vision is to co-exist with other environment-friendly salons and we hope to see our peers in the industry adopting such practices in the coming future.

“Our aim is to provide our customers with responsible alternatives so that they can choose greener options when it comes to availing our services.”

Along with promoting sustainability, the salon surely stands out in terms of its services. This was proved by a visit to its branch in South Point Mall, Gurgaon. The salon, located on the ground floor of the mall, is spacious. The state-of-the-art interiors welcome one to have a great experience. Most often, in salons, we see that despite the high price hygiene is ignored. This becomes disappointing. But for Neu, hygiene is at the top of its priority list. There is cleanliness all around, and the application kits are sterilised before being used.

The products used on the skin are also dermatologically tested. Along with that, visitors can choose to go all organic with their beauty regimes. At Neu, the staff is adept and well-trained and answers the queries about skin, hair and beauty patiently. This salon is a perfect example of a place where  the creation of a luxury experience matches with the individual needs of visitors.