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Hair has become synonymous with beauty: Nishtha

LifestyleHair has become synonymous with beauty: Nishtha

In an exclusive chat, Nishtha Malik, founder of Beaux, talks to G20 about her journey and endeavours. Excerpts:
Q. Tell us about your journey and how Beaux started?
A. Beaux started, as brands often do, with a purpose. The impassioned purpose to empower women through something that mattered to me very deeply — “hair”. It may sound like a peculiar thing to be passionate about or a strange thing to matter so deeply, but for me, Beaux Hair has a connection that many around the world would share. When I was 17, barely two days from turning 18, I lost my mother to cancer. Losing a parent at any age can be devastating, but to lose one at 17, an age at which teenagers are just ready to step into the world of reality when they need their parents the most can be catastrophic. This catastrophe was what led me to establish Beaux.
After completing my education at the University of Manchester (UK) I worked with an organic skincare company in London. In 2019 after I returned to India, I launched Beaux which today leaves many inspired.
Q. Today you have grown to be an A to Z component of a one-stop solution for any hair issues and problems that are there. What all do you provide under the banner?
A. So, we have all kinds of hair solutions to offer right from a wide variety of high-quality hair extensions that can be clipped into one’s hair to give volume, to lengthen it, or to add highlights. There are hair toppers to cover balding hair, bald spots, or to give recourse to those facing alopecia. To amp up one’s look, we also offer clip-on bangs, scrunchies, and messy buns. All the products are made of genuine, 100% human hair and are available in various colours, lengths, and styles to ensure absolute comfort and beauty for all customers. To take that one extra step towards both, we also offer custom-made hair products. Also, we recently launched human hair eyelashes and silk hair care including mulberry silk pillow covers, scrunchies as the companies, the motto being ‘hair you have dreamt of ‘. We would also soon be entering the hair care market.
Q. For Indians in India what has your market research shown in terms of the mindset of men and women, and the necessity and solutions at hand when it comes to hair related problems?
A. India is the biggest exporter of human hair across the world, but the hair wig and extension industry within it had been faring miserably. The demand, although, as we found out within just weeks of starting the venture, was big. Therefore, sourcing raw material and selling it was not very difficult. I strongly felt, that the industry had just been sitting, waiting to be tapped into and I went ahead and did it. We source 100% natural hair mainly from the Tirupati Balaji temple in Andhra Pradesh, and also from some other places across South India. The hair is then sent to the processing unit in Kota, Rajasthan where it is put through various treatments and processes like washing, cleansing, and finally conditioning thoroughly before it is ready for use. To ensure an optimum quality final product, the raw material is made to undergo a thorough multi-step quality control process before it exits the unit to be sold. Beaux hair is committed to helping hair loss sufferers of both genders and reclaim their looks, their self-respect, and their dignity by providing professional services that will remedy their problems.
Q. What is your distribution channel, and how does your revenue stream look like?
A. We sell our wigs through our social media channels and also have tie-ups with major salons across India. Internationally too we have tied up with salons to whom we export the products too.
Q. Where else do you export your products?
A. We are selling our products to a customer base not only in India but also across the world through our website and online portals such as Instagram and Facebook, we sell products to customers in India as well as countries such as UK, Europe, Africa, US, Canada.

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