Taj Palace, New Delhi brings the most reviving and contemporary Indian luxury spa experience to the city-the JIVA. The launch of the JIVA further promises Taj Palace’s position as the preferred location for urban rejuvenation. Blending ancient Indian wisdom with contemporary therapies, it offers the best in Indian rejuvenation therapies ranging from Indian aromatherapy massages, time-honoured Indian treatments, body scrubs and wraps. It also promises a retreat for seekers of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, where dedicated therapists combine timeless wellness concepts with modern therapeutic wisdom, to set a new benchmark in holistic treatments and therapies.

It also provides with the most harmonising decor and design. It is located on the mezzanine floor of the hotel, the exquisite JIVA is spread over a sprawling 13,000 sqft. and consists of single spa suites, a couple spa suite, a relaxation area, yoga studio, extensive wet areas, a halotherapy room, a unisex salon and a gymnasium – all coming together to ensure that your revival is complete in the true sense of being.

The spa therapy area is spread over 3600 sq.feet and includes 5 therapy rooms catering to single visitors and a couple room, a guest waiting area and a relaxation lounge with heated loungers. The Male & Female wet experience areas are spread over 3000 sq.feet and include a steam room, ice rub area, an experiential shower, chilled & normal showers, rest rooms and a vitality pool. The salon, a unisex facility is spread over 1987 sq.feet and includes one facial room, a section for hair, a pedicure & manicure room and an exclusive VIP Salon Suite.

 The facility also promises to be a retreat for seekers of Yoga, meditation and ayurveda, where dedicated therapists combine timeless wellness concepts with modern therapeutic wisdom, to set a new benchmark in holistic treatments and therapies.

JIVA unfolds a refreshing idiom of spa design in keeping with Vastushastra, the ancient science of space planning that emanates a harmonious balance of energy, drawing inspiration from nature and organic finishes. The design is simplistic, yet luxurious, allowing you to indulge your senses in the ambience created by the fragrances and sounds that are unique to the brand.

JIVA introduces VELLANA for the first time at the Taj Palace, curated especially for seekers of urban rejuvenation. An uplifting and energizing 60-minute experience that instantly invigorates and refreshes you, the treatment rolls the Velan, a rolling pin found in Indian households, over the entire body, touching on various muscles and pressure points, instantly releasing tension. This therapy improves blood circulation, flushes out toxins and lactic acid build-up, leading to improved cellular function.

The detoxifying experience that leaves you in an optimum state of well-being, VISHUDDI includes exfoliation using silk gloves to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph and energy, followed by a traditional Indian herb wrap and a full body lymphatic drainage massage.

Rejuvenating Spa MenuThe spa meal at JIVA is designed to work its magic not only on your palate, but also on the very core of your being. With a wellness menu that proves what’s good for you can be absolutely delicious, JIVA ensures that all the wonder and goodness go well below the surface. Traditional cooking techniques combine with modern gastronomy to create a wealth of Asian, Western and Indian fare that is satisfyingly light and delectably healthy.

Flavour bursts forth from fresh, organically grown fruits, veggies and herbs, free range poultry and ocean-fresh Indulge in JIVA at Taj Palace, the new haven of tranquility that is instantly restorative and reviving.