Warisan, a modernised and high-end furniture manufacturer from Bali, Indonesia, recently launched its first ever ‘Warisan Experience’ in New Delhi.

Headed by Abhimanyu Bansal, “Warisan Experience” warmly presents Contemporary, Primitive & Outdoor collections, with one of its own kind. It is conceptualized space that infuses modern techniques with classic designs, creating a harmonious synergy out of contradiction. 

The ‘Warisan Experience’ provides the client with over 2500 sq. ft. of different spaces showcasing the brand’s versatility. The Experience changes the mock-up format in a busy market, thereby giving the client an environment to think and feel. The design space allows the client a calm and composed atmosphere, which is most important while taking long-term decisions with the best of benefits.

The launch event was held over a lavish champagne soiree and was attended by the creme de la creme of Delhi’s social glitterati. Hosted by Rajkumari Chandni Singh of  Seohara and Abhimanyu Bansal, the guest list included Rajkumari Gitanjali Shah Tehri Garhwal, Kanwarani Kamini Singh, Manmat Singh Deo, Shreyaa Shah, Mayyur Girotra, Nandini Singh Jhabua, Kunwar Prithvi Raj Singh, Vidur Mathur and Anjuli Pradhan amongst others.

Speaking on the occasion, Abhimanyu Bansal, Director, North India Operations, said, “Our team is extremely excited about the collaboration between the Countrywide Luxury (a Countrywide Projects brand) & Warisan. The brand’s 27-year track record and international goodwill inspired us to invest in India’s first Warisan Experience, centered in New Delhi. Stepping away from the traditional showroom, we aim to give our clients the real feel of Warisan’s different lines & finishes in a relaxed environment, thereby allowing them to spend time with each piece. The Warisan  product is beyond furniture or lifestyle – something that belongs & lives with you forever.”

“Warisan was established and substantiated 27 years ago by two Italian designers in Indonesia, with the goal to present the best craftsmanship and wood quality available in that country. Indonesia glorifies of a noble tradition in cabinet making and of some of the best plantation wood in the world, mainly Teak and Mahogany,” said Mr. Lucio Brissolese, founder, Warisan.