Leading Indian English news channel NewsX and Hindi news channel India News, sister concerns of The Sunday Guardian, have made an entry into the United States. The announcement was made on Thursday by ITV Network (which includes NewsX, India News and TSG) founder and promoter Kartikeya Sharma at the 10th Maryland India Business Round Table Awards in Maryland, where he was given the prestigious Maryland India Business Round Table award for his contribution to the Indian-American community. At the function, Maryland legislator, Congressman Elijah Cummings read out a letter sent by US President Barack Obama celebrating India and US cooperation and wishing success. Congressman Elijah congratulated Mr Sharma for his contribution in advancing the cultural relations between American-Indian communities. The award was given in the presence of Maryland Senator Susan Lee. At the award ceremony, Mr Sharma announced the debut of NewsX and India News in the American media landscape saying, “We hope to have a long and prosperous relationship with the state of Maryland and will use it as a gateway for our operations in USA.”