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‘BJP will win over 200 seats in MCD elections’

News‘BJP will win over 200 seats in MCD elections’

In the past, we have turned anti-incumbency into pro-incumbency, says Ashish Sood, convenor of BJP poll management panel.


NEW DELHI: As the national capital is nearing the MCD polls, all major political parties have kicked off their campaigns. The Sunday Guardian talked to Ashish Sood, convenor of the election management committee for the BJP, to know about the BJP’s campaign and plans. Excerpts:
Q: What are the big issues which BJP is taking up in its campaign?
A: In the last eight years, AAP has failed to deliver basic services to the people of Delhi. Fresh air, pollution-free Delhi, last-mile connectivity, strengthened public transport and clean Yamuna are the main issues which we will take into public. Their campaign was “Mera Bijli bill zero, Kejriwal Mera hero”, but they rolled it back. What is their delivery?
They said we will turn Delhi into Paris or London, but nothing is done on the ground in terms of infrastructural development. In the last 15 years, we have been delivering, that’s why we were elected again and again.
Q: How will the BJP tackle anti-incumbency in this election?
A: In the past, we have turned anti-incumbency into pro-incumbency. In Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa, we have repeated our government and the same will happen in Himachal Pradesh. Our governance issues have given us the power to turn anti-incumbency into pro-incumbency.
Q: How many seats do you think BJP will win in the MCD elections?
A: In 2017 MCD elections, AAP was saying that BJP has changed all candidates and they also said that we are going to lose the election. But we won the elections. Before 2017, we had 138 seats. In the 2017 elections, we secured around 181 seats and this year again, we will win and this time, we will win more than 200 seats.
Q: AAP says that there is a rift inside the BJP.
A: AAP has nothing to do. They are more interested in our affairs; this proves that they are trailing behind us. Our four district presidents are contesting the polls; therefore, it is impossible for them to manage both their election campaign as well as district president’s work.
Q: Who is the face of the BJP for this election?
A: When we have the world’s best face Prime Minister Modi, why beg before others? After the emergency, this is the first time that “Juggi” residents are given homes. In 2008, under Rajiv Rattan Awas Yojna, more than Rs 50 crore were collected, but nothing was delivered to the poor people. But today, our PM has delivered what was promised. We will have a clean Delhi if JJ clusters transform into multi-story residents and this will bring change in the lives of the poor.
Q: What are the new things that BJP will introduce in the MCD campaign?
A: Recently, we launched our campaign song and soon more songs depicting the failure of AAP will be released. Apart from his “video raths” and 3D screens are roped in to spread the message of the party.

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