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NBF National Conclave examines growing dangers against Hindus, but international media ignores

NewsNBF National Conclave examines growing dangers against Hindus, but international media ignores

New Delhi: The increasing incidents of Hindu attacks have been a key concern for India as western media do not take such instances into consideration. Such instances are always lost due to the sheer ignorance of the western media and the ideological differences that are imposed upon media organisations.
During the NBF National Conclave Future of News, the CM of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, discussed how the Hindus, who are considered a minority in various nations, are always under threat abroad. During the discussion, he said, “The threats to Hindus are not discussed anywhere but India. Can Hidnus go anywhere else? … According to the Western Media, India was born in 1947, but the western media is unaware of the 5000 years of civilization process.”
Several western media outlets are unaware of India’s contribution to the development of the country. Instead of reporting on various communal clashes happening around the world, renowned newspapers in the western world have sometimes accused the Modi government of demolishing the institutional framework of India.
As reported by The Sunday Guardian on August 27, 2022, the increasing threats amongst the Hindu minority in Pakistan recount the instances of forced conversion of minor Hindu girls in Pakistan. Several girls from the minority community are kidnapped and forced into marriage with Muslim men, who are twice their age. When the entire incident is revealed, the minor girls become traumatised and unwilling to speak publicly about the atrocities they have witnessed. Police, have sometimes been able to take action, but the rising cases of such atrocities are a warning of increasing threats amongst the Hindu minority living in Pakistan. Similarly, many minorities living in Afghanistan are also vulnerable to such communal barbarity. The incident of the Gurudwara bomb blast in Afghanistan exemplifies the horror of Hindu, Sikh minorities in India. Additionally, the rise of hate crimes in Canada also shows how Indians are treated in the western world sometimes. However, such cases are lost in the small corners of the big international newspapers, whereas, the accusations and the poverty of India get highlighted on the front pages of many international newspapers. Thanks to social media platforms, such incidents have been coming up openly and the world is getting to know about the viciousness.
During the conclave, when MP Kartikeya Sharma pointed out whether foreign media gives enough credit to the contribution of India, BJP leader, Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Hardeep Singh Puri, stated, “India isn’t looking for credit,” and indicated that foreign media creates narrative and did not highlight how the country having the second largest population tackled Covid situation. The conclave also discussed that several Indians working for international organisations also play a key role in promoting such propaganda and do not realise that such writings degrade the mindsets of Indians staying abroad. Such writings propagate anti-national thoughts amongst men and generate violations within the mindset of a particular religion.

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