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Piccadily Group unveils Camikara, India’s first cane juice rum

NewsPiccadily Group unveils Camikara, India’s first cane juice rum

NEW DELHI: On Friday evening this week, Venod Sharma, chairman Piccadily Group revealed Camikara, a one-of-a-kind rum from the house of Piccadily Distilleries, in Hyatt Regency Hotel Manesar, Haryana. After being matured for twelve (12) long years in American oak casks, it is the first pure cane juice rum to come from India. Camikara literally means liquid gold, a name of Sanskrit derivation.

Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma at the launch

The launch was planned in such a way that the story of the 100% naturally matured rum was experienced from the moment guests set foot in the premises, rather, in an elaborate recreation of the fields of sugarcane, reminiscent of Camikara’s origin in the Northern plains of India. The story of the luxury rum was played out over a screen, and the tale of the origins of India’s curated, small batch rum, steeped in the culture and customs of the region was narrated. Camikara, a name of Sanskrit derivation, meaning liquid gold, keeping true to its’ appearance and treasure-like qualities that were all that remained of the 6% of the original barreled amount after the angels took their share.
Chairman Venod Sharma said, “The rum is the product of hard work done by professionals and workers at the Piccadily Distilleries.”


Chairman Piccadily Group Venod Sharma (right) and Sidhartha Sharma at the launch.

The brand spokesperson said of this liquid treasure, that “Camikara was born for two reasons: to rediscover the past; and to pave the way for the future. With Camikara, we have ascertained a shift from the previous colonial mindset, where the ‘superiority’ of whisky was drilled into our mindsets. This rum is an absolute gamechanger, and although late in the day, Camikara is a marking toward a new beginning, ensuring this age-old spirit is seen in a different light. It is a moment of pride for us and a high point for the rum industry in the country, as Camikara is now a contender as one of the greatest rum’s ever made, globally.” The complex, yet balanced notes of the honey hued rum are a perfect tribute to the twelve long years that pure cane juice was matured for.
According to an official at the Piccadily Distilleries, “Bottled at a strength of 50% ABV, Camikara has no added colour, caramel, sugar or flavours, making it a 100% naturally aged rum.” Moreover, the company said, the rum will be released only in a limited number of bottles of Camikara, worldwide. A majority of these have already been pre-booked in the US (1,200 bottles), followed by the UK with 400 bottles. Moreover, 800 bottles will be distributed in the rest of Europe. It will also sell 400 bottles in India and 800 bottles will be distributed in the rest of the world. In India, the company intends to retail each bottle at Rs 6,200.

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