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Rahul Gandhi against idea of alliance with AAP

NewsRahul Gandhi against idea of alliance with AAP

‘However, there is pressure on Congress from a few state parties to take along all those who want to be part of the grand alliance.
There are indications from Gandhi,senior leaders that Rahul Gandhi, who is the political face of the Congress, may not be in favour of support- ing the AAP in Delhi for the upcoming Lok Sabha elec- tions in 2024. However, other leaders claim that there is pressure building up on the grand old party from a few state parties to take along everyone, who- soever wants to be a part of the grand alliance.
Rahul Gandhi may have told senior leaders through backdoor channels to speak on what is right and con- tinue picking up relevant issues against the AAP. Party leaders also suggest that there are no instruc- tions given to party lead- ers not to speak against the AAP. An AAP insider pointed out that there have been a couple of instances in recent times where the Congress has, at the cusp of electoral heat, been in favour of alliance with the Delhi-based party to defeat the BJP. However, “it was at the end moment that Ra- hul Gandhi refused to stitch any alliance”.
Congress leaders, howev- er, say if the high command makes a decision of alliance with AAP, the Delhi unit will have to abide by the command. The problem, a political leader said, may not be at the top if the deci- sion over alliance is made. The state cadres are bound to comply by the order of the party high command. The problem lies at the bot- tom. Workers may create problems if the alliance is stitched. Kejriwal himself has garnered this hatred from the time he started his movement against the Delhi government which was run by the Congress.
Moreover, a senior leader in the Congress Delhi unit said, “The Delhi unit is down and demotivated. The current Delhi unit presi- dent (Anil Chaudhary) has lost his interest being at the helm (Delhi unit president) due to him being unable to motivate the cadre and produce positive results. And the alliance with AAP could further bring it down
as AAP is in power and we will just be the number two in the alliance, which may not bode well for the grand old party.”

Moreover, the Gandhi scion has, in several public speeches, stressed that the party is less likely to be at peace with those parties and leaders who are against the Congress ideology. However, the necessity to come together may be in the wake of insecurities devel- oped by all the political par- ties due to the ED and CBI unleashed on them and that comes under the control of the central government run by the BJP.
Yet, it is to be seen wheth- er the Congress continues to enjoy the AAP’s pre- dicament or there could be an understanding between the two parties after the Opposition meet. Gandhi, in response to a series of questions during an inter- action with the media at the National Press Club in Washington, said that the Opposition is pretty well united. He further added that a lot of good work is happening on the ground, asserting that there is a hid- den undercurrent building and it will surprise the people in the next general elections.

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