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‘Rs 9 lakh debt led to government employee’s murder in RK Puram’

News‘Rs 9 lakh debt led to government employee’s murder in RK Puram’

‘Motive was the loan amount the accused was not paying back, and his ill intention towards the accused’s girlfriend’.


The killing of his colleague and then dumping his body in a nearby quarter in Delhi’s RK Puram area has been solved by the police, and the main accused involved in the murder has been arrested. The accused, identified as Anish (24), an employee in Survey of India, murdered his senior colleague Mahesh Kumar (28), who was reported missing on 29 August.

DCP Southwest, Manoj C, said the main motive behind this murder was a loan amount of Rs 9 lakh, which the accused was not paying back, and his ill intention towards the accused’s girlfriend. The police recovered 5 lakh cash, two vehicles, an iron road, and the murder weapon from the house of the accused.
According to the investigators, Anish planned this murder for around 20 days, and he took five days of leave from the office to commit it. On 28 August, he called Mahesh Kumar to his government-allocated house. When he reached Anish’s house, there was a heated argument, and he hit Mahesh with a heavy iron rod, which eventually led to his death on the spot. He then wrapped the body in a plastic sheet and left the body in his house. He then updated a status on Mahesh’s WhatsApp, stating that “he has a debt of Rs 65 lakh and he is leaving for some unknown place”. Anish then took Mahesh’s mobile phones and dumped them somewhere near Faridabad. He then went to his hometown, Sonepat. The next day, he again came back to his house and dug a pit near quarter number 623 and buried the body there. He then called a worker and paid him Rs 15,000 to cement the pit.

The murder got unmasked when Mahesh’s brother, Manesh Kumar, filed a missing complaint at the RK Puram police station. Mahesh’s wife told the police that he last visited Anish’s house, and there was no debt on Mahesh, as mentioned in his WhatsApp status. Based on this input, the police arrested Anish, and after an intense interrogation, Anish confessed that he murdered Mahesh and dumped his body near quarter no. 623. The police then recovered the body and handed it over to his family members. The main motive for murdering Mahesh was that he had ill intentions towards Anish’s girlfriend, and the money that Mahesh gave was for some government job, which Anish failed to capitalise on. Mahesh was continuously asking for the money to be returned. But Anish was not returning, and when this started to develop into heated arguments, Anish saw it as a direct hurt to his ego, and he planned the murder, which he eventually executed. He was continuously misleading the police, but the presence of Mahesh’s car near the office and the absence of Anish’s mobile phone made the police suspicious of him, and then, in interrogation, he confessed to the murder.

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