NEW DELHI: After former Congress president Rahul Gandhi gave a lecture titled “Learning to Listen in the 21st Century” in Cambridge University earlier this week, BJP has accused the leader of misleading people. Moreover, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has countered the Gandhi scion in detail on social media for his speech.
Sarma tweeted, “Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Cambridge was nothing but a brazen attempt to denigrate our country on foreign soil in the guise of targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul says Indian democracy is under threat because he can’t freely express himself. First foreign agents target us! Then our own targets us on a foreign land!” In the speech, Rahul Gandhi had said that Indian democracy is under threat because he can’t freely express himself. Responding to the Gandhi’s claim of threat to democracy, Sarma tweeted, “He (Rahul Gandhi) travelled 4,000 km in his yatra incident-free under the protection provided by the Modi government. Do we need to remind him how yatras led by BJP leaders were sabotaged when Congress was in power?”
Rahul Gandhi also said that Pegasus was found on his phone and an “officer” had warned him regarding it. Sarma tweeted, “He refused to submit his phone for investigation when Supreme Court asked for it. Following extensive investigation, SC concluded that there was no evidence of Pegasus.”
Rahul Gandhi said manufacturing isn’t conducive in democracy to which Sarma responded that when Indira Gandhi suspended democracy, manufacturing didn’t increase. But when the Modi government introduced the PLI scheme, it did. He further questioned if the Congress agenda for 2024 is to take India back to the Communist dictatorial era.
On Rahul Gandhi’s assertion that India’s minorities are unsafe and treated like second class citizens, Sarma retorted, “Since May 2014, communal violence in India has been at the lowest ever and prosperity of minority families the highest ever. Many minority leaders have reposed their faith in the Modi government.”
Moreover, immediately after the Gandhi’s speech, BJP national spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill also said that instead of introspecting on loss of 172 seats out of 180 in North-East polls, loss of 50 plus elections out of 54 under his command, “Rahul Gandhi is busy crying wolf on foreign shores! RG Cambridge speech is Classic Case of ‘Naach Na Jaane, Aangan Tedaa’ or ‘Bad Workman blames his tools’,” he tweeted.