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Voters in Gujarat strengthen the hand of PM Modi

NewsVoters in Gujarat strengthen the hand of PM Modi

During the years that he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi made a difference that was palpable to any visitor. His style was in contrast to other political leaders. Calling on Union Ministers or CMs usually involved a visitor fighting her or his way through crowds that were gathered outside, each with a problem that it was hoped a few seconds of facetime with the VIP would immediately solve. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi resolved this problem of overflow of visitors by lining them in the lawns of her official residence, greeting each of them even as an aide picked up the proffered petition. The handing over of the plea was the aim of the visitor, who often had to travel considerable distances in order to attend the “Dharm darshan”. The petitions were marked to the relevant ministries, who almost always treated them casually. There were the occasional practical responses. A conscientious official may read a plaint and ensure that remedial action got initiated, but such cases. In some such cases, the press would mysteriously gain access to the petition and to how the problem mentioned in it was solved by the Prime Minister through the official who was responsible for this act of justice to a citizen. Taking petitions from the public casually was common among Union Ministers and CMs as well. In contrast to many of his peers, who ignored such petitions except from a known few, in the case of CM Modi, petitions were collected online and studied by the CM himself. Remedial action was initiated by the CMO in all cases where such steps were needed. Even when an appointment to meet CM Modi was communicated months previous to the date of the meeting, all that the individual given the appointment needed to do was to appear in the CM’s office at the time and date mentioned. The meeting with CM Narendra Modi would then take place. It was this disciplined, problem-solving mode of functioning as the CM of Gujarat that gave confidence to the electorate across India to give the BJP a majority in the Lok Sabha in 2014, a trust they repeated in 2019.
Since he took office in 2014, Prime Minister Modi has sought to give each citizen confidence in himself or herself, faith in his or her future as an Indian citizen. This made them do their best in whatever tasks they took up. Technology has been given centre stage in this effort at empowerment. The effort is to give every citizen access to the internet, which itself has been stocked with material that assist them in their work, whether this be in farming or industry or in other fields of activity. The Digital Divide is getting bridged, as this is a task that will be receiving substantial attention. Health and housing are being sought to be of a standard sufficient to allow citizens to contribute to overall wellness and prosperity. Citizens are being be trained to have the pathways explained to them that are needed to be taken for individual success that meshes with national good. The period before the 2024 Lok Sabha polls is crucial in the establishing of a trajectory of growth in a higher orbit for Planet India. The Prime Minister needs to be confident that the people remain with him in this endeavour, and the Gujarat voter decided that the best way to demonstrate was through the ballot box in his home state.
The people of Gujarat still remember the CM Modi years, and believed that the result of the 2022 Assembly polls in their state would assist PM Modi in carrying forward his plans for a rejuvenated India through an energised economy. They knew that Narendra Modi’s success in such a task would have a beneficial effect on the lives of every citizen of India, including themselves. There was enough time before the 2024 Lok Sabha polls to ensure that much more got carried out by PM Modi that would make the economy of the country (and therefore also that of Gujarat) stronger, make the country safer. Gujarat voters knew that an unprecedented electoral victory in Gujarat would energize the PM in the work that he is doing. And with this thought in their minds as they headed to the voting booths, this is exactly what the voters of Gujarat did. They have done what they felt was needed to show their confidence in his leadership. Now it is over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make the coming years a festival of transformational reform and resurgence.

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