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Book uncovers ancient India’s impact on the world

CultureBook uncovers ancient India’s impact on the world

Written by Nitin Mehta, “Ancient India’s Imprints and Influences on the World” sheds light on the impact of Ancient India in the modern world. The book presents the history of Ancient India that’s unaltered by conquerors and gives an in-depth and enlightened look at the immortality of Indian Civilization.
The ancient land of India, with its rich cultural and spiritual heritage, has left an indelible mark on the modern world. From mathematics and medicine to philosophy and art, the contributions of ancient India are immense. The principles of non-violence, self-realisation, karma, and peaceful coexistence have inspired social justice movements, and the practice of yoga and meditation has become an integral part of modern wellness practices.
However, the conquerors of India purposely hid and rewrote many astounding truths about its history, destroying sacred scriptures and manuscripts with priceless knowledge on almost every aspect of human civilization. Netin Mehta’s new book, Ancient India’s Imprints and Influences on the World, sheds light on these hidden truths and aims to help people in India and around the world have a new, enlightened perspective on India’s vast influence on the world.
Despite the plundering of India’s legendary wealth and stifling of its rich heritage, India’s influence can still be seen in cultures around the globe. Its principles of non-violence and peaceful coexistence can guide an increasingly unstable and violent world towards compassion and peace. As India prepares to reclaim its place as a world leader, its values will serve as a beacon of hope in a world in need of healing. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in History when India will fulfil its responsibilities to mankind.

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