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Post-pregnancy cellulite

Post-pregnancy cellulite

Cellulite is not a disease or a disorder, but it can make a difference to the figure and thus cause much concern. Cellulite is a common problem of “lumps” that generally appear on the thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms and upper back. During pregnancy, cellulite can also occur on the abdomen. Another term for cellulite is “orange peel skin”, because the skin on these areas resembles an orange peel. The problem of cellulite is more common in women and can become aggravated during pregnancy. Fat and cellulite are not the same, but the increase of fat, which is common during the last trimester, can lead to cellulite. However, post-pregnancy, one can take measures to get rid of the condition.

Cellulite is caused by deposits of water, fat and other wastes that collect in pockets beneath the skin. The slowing down of the body’s waste removal process is thought to be responsible for the condition. In other words, there is a relationship between body toxicity and cellulite. The hardening of connective tissue is also involved, as this leads to the imprisonment of wastes, in lumps under the skin. Sluggish digestion, constipation, poor liver functioning, poor blood circulation, mental stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia and a sedentary lifestyle are some causative factors. In fact, one or more of these can undermine the normal functions of waste removal carried out by the kidneys, intestines, skin and lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system helps the body to get rid of toxic, metabolic and cellular wastes. The normal contraction and relaxation of muscles helps the system by providing necessary pumping for lymphatic circulation and drainage. Massage is an important part of the treatment, along with “skin brushing”. It is best to massage the area with cellulite when the muscles are relaxed. Long stroking movements are used for stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. The area with cellulite is squeezed and kneaded, ending with the stroking movements again. A combination of oils of margosa (neem), winter cherry (ashwagandha) and sandalwood has been used, mixed with carrier oils of almond, olive and sesame seed, for treating cellulite.

Skin “brushing” helps the elimination of toxins. The entire surface, excluding the face, should be brushed, using a rough cloth, or a natural bristle brush. Begin from the feet and go upwards. Then brush from lower to upper arms. Go across the shoulders and back. Brush gently on the chest and abdomen.
Cellulite can be a stubborn condition and will not disappear overnight. A permanent change in diet and lifestyle is essential. A nutritious diet, regular exercise, relaxation and deep breathing also help to free those trapped wastes and drain them from the system. As far as the diet is concerned, cut down on fats and fried foods. Avoid processed food. Have fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouts, leafy green vegetables and drink plenty of water. In fact, losing weight is said to help the problem. As for exercise, walking is one of the best, especially for cellulite on the thighs, which is most common. Walk briskly and regularly. Actually, walking briskly can burn 300 calories in an hour. However, you can start for a shorter duration and increase your duration and pace with time. Another exercise is to lie on your abdomen and raise your legs a few inches off the ground and hold for a few seconds. Repeat it 5 to 10 times. Increase with time, as your body gets used to it. However, first take your doctor’s advice.

We have treated cellulite with a gel-based Ayurvedic product, consisting of a combination of essential and “carrier oils.” It stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, encouraging the removal of toxins and wastes.

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