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A special woman

LifestyleA special woman

To my mind, a special woman has that indefinable quality that sets her apart from others. A woman does not have to be a raving beauty to be admired. In fact, a truly attractive woman has more than just physical appeal. She has that something ‘special’ that is actually a subtle blend of many attributes, like good grooming, good taste, poise, flair, grace, elegance and individuality. In other words, she has a style that is all her own and a way of expressing herself that tells the world that she is indeed a special person.
I do lay particular emphasis on individuality. A person must get to know herself first and be aware of herself as somebody distinct from others. An honest self-appraisal can help, so that you can learn about your assets and drawbacks and learn to make the most of them. There are innumerable examples of women who actually turned their drawbacks into assets, by projecting an individual quality. In other words, one can make the most of oneself by enhancing personal and physical qualities to project a look that is both attractive and exclusive.
The mark of a woman who is special is a vitality that comes from sheer good health. The adage, “internal health for external beauty” is old, but true. With a high level of physical fitness, there are few beauty problems. You will be better equipped to deal with your day to day life. On the other hand, fatigue, listlessness, nagging aches and pains take all the joy out of living and show up on the skin, face and eyes. In order to stay fit, the body needs regular care, by way of a nutritious diet, daily exercise, physical and mental relaxation and adequate sleep.
The other qualities that contribute to the external appearance are a flawless skin, lustrous hair and a slim, supple figure. These are the outcome of regular care and using products that are suited to individual needs. We are living at a time when so much information is available on beauty and body care. We can take advantage of advanced techniques in skin and hair care.
Good taste is the foundation of grooming. All of us have taste, but it needs to be used and developed. The woman with greater sensitivity to her surroundings, to colours, forms and lines, is one who learns to exercise good taste. Poise is a quality that helps you to feel comfortable in any situation.
This again comes from having greater sensitivity to people around you and by being aware of others as individuals. It gives you the knowledge of the right way to act and the right things to say. But, first you must be at ease with yourself. It allows you to be in control. Poise is what gives you the ability to handle any situation with dignity and grace, in a way that makes others also feel comfortable. In fact, it is the way others respond to you that makes you “special”.

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