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Dark circles may be caused by hereditary factors, nutritional deficiencies and stress

LifestyleDark circles may be caused by hereditary factors, nutritional deficiencies and stress

Shahnaz Husain, renowned and acclaimed pioneer of the beauty movement, answers some of the common questions concerning beauty and care.
Q. How can I remove dark circles from under my eyes?
A. Dark circles may be caused by hereditary factors, nutritional deficiencies, stress, inadequate sleep, sun-sensitivity, etc. So, check these aspects. Daily apply pure almond oil sparingly under eyes and massage it lightly on the skin, using only the ring finger, for one minute under each eye. Massage in one direction only. Leave on for 15 minutes and wipe off gently with moist cotton wool. You can also mix cucumber juice and potato juice in equal quantities. Apply under eyes daily for 20 minutes. Wash off with water.
Q. Even after washing hair twice a week, my scalp is very itchy. It itches soon after washing. I also have dandruff. How to overcome these problems?
A. Dandruff can cause itching. You should consult a dermatologist to ensure that you do not have any other scalp condition, like psoriasis. Apply herbal hair tonic on the scalp daily, using cotton wool and leave on. Wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo three times a week, using less shampoo and rinsing very well with water. Half an hour before shampoo, apply two tablespoons vinegar on the scalp, massaging it lightly into the scalp. Vinegar relieves itching and dandruff. Once a week, heat olive oil and apply on the scalp at night. Leave on overnight. Next morning, apply the vinegar as advised half an hour before shampoo.
Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Add the juice of a lemon to a glass of water and have it first thing in the morning.
Q. Is olive oil good for face massage before bath every day?
A. If the skin is dry, olive oil may be applied and massaged on the face. However, if the skin is oily and prone to blackheads, pimples, acne, spots or rash, oil should not be applied. Olive oil may be used for application on the body daily before bath. It can also be applied on the hair and scalp. If there is dandruff, heat olive oil and apply on scalp. Leave on overnight. Next morning, apply the juice of a lemon on the scalp and wash the hair after 15 minutes.
Q. I am 22 years and my problem is falling hair, which is not controlled despite treatment. I have decided on hair transplant. Please suggest.
A. Hair loss can be due to many reasons, like oily scalp, dandruff, stress, etc. In men, hair loss can also be due to hormonal factors. Your doctor will be able to guide you. For hair transplant, you will have to consult a surgeon who specializes in the procedure. You can check with a big hospital or search on the net for information related to your city. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, in which a portion of the scalp which contains hair is taken, along with the hair follicles and grafted in the bald areas. The hair then begins to grow in the bald areas. Nowadays the procedure has become advanced and is said to be better than hair weaving. It may be done in one session, or may take several sessions. Precautions are taken before and after the procedure, since it is surgical. The costs of hair transplant can be from Rs.30,000 and above.
Q. What is the best moisturizer for oily skin? Is coconut oil good for oily skin?
A. Avoid applying oil on the face if the skin is oily. In winter, the skin is dry due to lack of moisture. You can apply a light moisturising lotion. Add a drop of water before applying, for a lighter coverage. Or, mix one teaspoon pure glycerine with 50 ml rose water. Mix well and keep in a glass bottle. Apply a little of this lotion to relieve dryness. Leave it on. You can also mix one teaspoon each honey and lemon juice and apply daily. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Aloe vera gel can also be applied to relieve dryness.
Q. My skin is slightly oily. What kind of light make up can I use for daytime?
A. For light make-up for the day, leave out foundation. If the skin is oily, apply an astringent lotion. After ten minutes, apply compact powder. Avoid pinkish shades and select a slight yellowish tone, like biscuit or beige colours. For eye make-up stick to eye pencil. Or, you can try brown or grey eyeliner for the day, to give a softer effect. Apply mascara in two light coats. For lipstick, go for light colours like mauve, or pink. Or, use only lip gloss. Use lip pencil of the same colour to outline the lips.
Q. I am fat. What type of dress will suit me?
A. Dark colours will help to make you look slimmer. So will vertical stripes, V-necklines and straight cuts. Wear one coloured outfits, like one coloured churidar kurta, or skirt and top. They can be set off with printed, sequinned, embroidered, “chunnis.” Avoid horizontal stripes and large prints. Have straight sleeves. Avoid very tight or very loose clothes. Simplicity should be the keyword.

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