‘Everything you see here, you can buy.” India’s first “retail restaurant”, Plum by Bent Chair has opened in the national capital. Offering the best of experiential dining, Plum doubles as a home-furnishing store where guests can buy whatever they like. From the furniture to the lights and cutlery, everything here is on sale.

After a successful stint of six months in Mumbai, the restaurant based on this one-of-its-kind concept is now contributing to the charm of Delhi’s latest party hub, Aerocity. The venture is a collaboration between leading hospitality and furniture brandsFirst Fiddle F&B Pvt. Ltd by Priyank Sukhija and Bent Chair by the father-daughter duo Neeraj Jain and Natasha Jain.

So how did the concept of the retail restaurant come about? Restaurateur Priyank Sukhija explained, “It was a decision taken on the spur of the moment, which proved to be life-changing. When I was creating Lord of the Drinks in Mumbai, Natasha [Jain, founder of Bent Chair] asked if she could place a small kiosk for her brand at one side. It seemed like a good idea, which we further developed till we came up with the concept of India’s first true retail restaurant. I took care of the food, and Natasha thought of the interiors and hence, Plum by Bent Chair was born.”

The entire place is themed around the colour plum. The quirky and vibrant theme extends beyond the walls of the outlet and reaches outside with beautiful outdoor seating that follows the tropical plants collection. There is also a winged 12-feet bear installed at the entrance of the venue. The owners call this as their attempt at bringing art to public spaces. Every area of Plum is well-planned and blends with one another, rather than being distinctive.

Even though the restaurant scores high on design philosophy, its true strength is reflected in its diverse pan-Asian food offerings. In addition to sushi, dimsum and nigiri, Plum’s menu includes ceviche, baos and chirashi. Chef Sagar Bajaj has curated an amazing range of signature dishes like Seafood Wontons, Nutella Banana Sushi, Mongolian Sliced lamb, Charcoal Dumplings, California Uramaki, Salmon Avocado Chirashi, Spicy Barbeque Chicken Bao and more.

Plum specially sources an elaborate list of ingredients to dish out authentic Asian recipes. Meat lovers can enjoy everything from tuna and salmon to duck and lamb etc. The outlet also offers dishes in line with the growing demand for vegan and gluten-free dining. Priyank Sukhija feels that Plum’s menu reflects their eccentricity and vision of perfect food. The drinks menu here is also extensive and includes their own cocktail creations like Smash on the Rocks, Hell Boy and Coming In Hot.

The owners say that the biggest challenge they faced in establishing the restaurant was to maintain the balance between food and interiors. They were skeptical about how customers would react to the venue, but their experiment was a success. They are elated that Plum by Bent Chair is creating a niche market for itself and is being loved by both food lovers and shoppers.

As for the design, Natasha Jain personally made sure the place stands out with its décor. She said, “I wanted to balance the restaurant and bar areas as well as make each corner look different from the other with a defined language.” Plum displays her brand’s collection all around the property and features small details, which are eye-catching. The ceiling has the tropical collection, cat lights, and rocky star lanterns on display. She added, “The bar looks mystical with snitch lights and the changing wallpaper. Its facade is made of art stones, all installed by Bent Chair.”

The place incorporates barcode paintings representing retail, the actual concept of the restaurant. They have brilliantly accommodated every piece of furniture in a way that looks comfortable and resembles our living spaces. Furniture sets aren’t repeated here and each section offers something new.

So the restaurant showcases its detailed taste not just in décor and furnishings, but in food as well.

Plum by Bent Chair has displayed its newest furnishing products at the Delhi outlet—it  includes the Metallic collection, the Resin collection, the Tropical Paradise line, the rugs collection etc.

So is it cumbersome to replace the furnishings once the items are sold? Natasha told us that this only makes room for new products, which is a drive to their creative spirit. “It’s a great way for us to keep showcasing new entrants, collections and concepts with the changing times and fashion,” she said.

There are many expansion plans that the duo has for the future. But they are currently looking forward to their next outlet in Janpath, on which work is underway.