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Fashion and tradition: Jewellery trends for 2020

LifestyleFashion and tradition: Jewellery trends for 2020

Perfectly worn jewellery doesn’t just complement our clothes; it also completes our overall look. From the perspective of a jewellery designer, I think the only constant in the jewellery industry is experimentation. So it can be daunting to keep up with trends that change with each new season. Especially in India, we have such diverse types and styles of jewellery that finding a balance with varied wardrobes for different occasions is a difficult task. 

It is certain that 2020 will be the year of edgy and elaborate jewellery pieces that make a statement. While contemporary pieces have ruled the market in recent years, the focus this year will be on Indian designs and their variations.

Tanjore pieces

Today, the jewellery industry is more accommodating of unique or different works. That is why Tanjore pieces are in such high demand. For women who are experimental by nature and can carry bold pieces, Tanjore or art jewellery works really well. These pieces can feature motifs of gods and goddesses in elegant designs. A contemporary twist to classic temple jewellery, these pieces aren’t chunky and look regal. While temple pieces are inspired from the South and are predominantly in gold, Tanjore pieces play with art and design. This year Tanjore chokers seem to be trending. They look perfect at functions and are comfortable to carry. These necklaces adjust themselves according to the neck size and look amazing. They certainly bring out the beauty of the attire as well.

Explosion of colours

Owning coloured jewellery in your collection is always helpful, as it can quickly lend vibrancy to a simple and monochrome look. It can also match the hues in different colourful outfits. Nude tones might be in trend when it comes to makeup, but jewellery is all about bold colours. Therefore, neon jewellery is trending as a show-stealer now. Encompassing every non-neutral shade, these jewellery pieces should not clash with the colours of your outfit. One needs to pair them well for the look to stand out. For example, a yellow or orange coloured neckpiece with a black dress looks great.

Delicate styles

While statement pieces are always great, this season also belongs to delicate jewellery. From studded anklets as a classic yet modern piece of accessory to a stunning and erudite pearl earring, there are many options. An elegant necklace that accentuates a woman’s neck is a good idea. Also, there’s nothing which adds more grace to any look than pearls. Watch out for small-sized pearls on rings and hoop earrings with a pearl in the centre and more if you want to add subtle glamour to your appearance. Simple studs, pearl earrings, Swarovski are the talk of the town this season. Reimagine your old strand of pearls with these trendy silhouettes. Crystal will also rule this season. From delicate pearl hoops to ear cuffs and bracelets, the classic pieces are getting a modern makeover suited for millennial women.

Gold tones

From Hasli necklace of kundan to long, royal and elegant Meenakari necklace and earrings, traditional aesthetic pieces of jewellery are back in trend. The focus is back on classic gold. Long and heavy Raani haar with delicate work and detailed gold sets can add that oomph to your look. Old jewellery has long been a staple of those with a more classic taste. This year, these nostalgia-inducing pieces make it back into the mainstream. These include multi-layered jewellery in revisited styles which are traditional yet bespoke. The contemporary use of ethnic motifs makes them more relevant to contemporary consumers, and is the only way to carry our heritage forward and keep it alive. So go for the perfect combination of fashion and tradition.

Bling trend

It is time to carry the bling look this season. There came a time when bling and shimmer were discarded by fashion-forward people. But this year, right from golden chains to bold gold rings to neckpieces with chain tassels, accessorised-in-golden is the look to carry. It is a strong colour that leaves a very strong impression. Mix and match these with your outfits, make each combination your own and the result will be unique and trendy. These pieces can look great with both casual and classy outfits. The version of subtle bling is metallic, which has ability to turn work-wear into power outfit. One can wear metallic handcuffs, ear cuffs or neckpieces as metal surely amps up your look.

Indo-Western fusion

For millennials, modern jewellery with Indian and Western design elements is taking the lead. Fun and quirky jewellery to the ever-stylish silver, the welcome combination of Indian and Western influences in jewellery is taking centre stage. We can expect to see them in the form of bangles to mirror-studded silver rings, jhumkas to long-fringed silver earrings. These styles are elegant and simple, and can add versatility to street-wear and designer outfits as well.

The author is a jewellery designer and founder of Kiwi by Musskan

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