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Food Review: A customised dining experience in Delhi

Food & DrinkFood Review: A customised dining experience in Delhi

The HolyBelly Chef’s Table provides a dining experience unlike any other in the city. It’s a space that accommodates four people, but offers endless possibilities for one’s evening.

Nestled in the heart of Shahpur Jat, finding the place can be a challenge, but one can always call them and ask for direction. When I reached there, I pushed open the door to a tiny but oh-so-adorable space that was very different from any restaurant setting. A corner table had four chairs placed opposite to each other. We looked around the wall and found a bookshelf that hung overhead, and carried souvenirs from around the world. There was a signboard that read “Kiss the Chef”.  We had finally made it to The HolyBelly.

The menu at HolyBelly offers specially customised options according to the occasion. After you make your reservation, share your mood and preference with Chef Rishi and Chef Janeya, and leave the rest to them to craft a magical evening for you. No fuss interiors at the venue let the culinary experience speak for itself. 

I have to admit that I haven’t had a dining experience like this. We started the evening with a succession of appetisers—first came a mille-feuille of goat’s cheese, apple jelly and roasted beetroot—the combination was tangy, sweet and savoury.

Next we had Aged Lamb Balls accompanied with brioche, mango and habanero sauce. It was delicious. Then came tiny bite-size preparation of charred vegetables, burnt grapes and red pepper aioli crostini. The combination was perfect, the natural flavours of fruit and veggies with red pepper aioli was addictive. Next on my table was Chicken Liver Parfait with onion jam. If you are a fan of eating chicken liver, then this appetiser might interest you. 

After this we had the second course of our meal. We started with a salad of mix lettuce, quinoa, broccoli, roasted red and yellow pepper, snow peas with a dressing of red wine and cumin. The salad was healthy yet delectable. Till now nothing in the menu had anything to do with oil. All the dishes were overpowered with the presence of cheese; the sweetness of fresh fruits and vegetables with a drizzle of wine and a sprinkle of sea salt. Risotto of cauliflower, corn puree with truffle oil and pistachio dust was an impressive vegetarian dish. 

Next came HolyBelly Earth bowl—coconut and galangal curry with steamed rice and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds. The sharp citrusy flavour of galangal and coconut was a perfect match and the dish came in an earthen bowl, which later chef explained, was also where the items were cooked. That explained the wonderful earthy flavour. 

HolyBelly is a catering brand, but on request, they can arrange a food tasting session.


HolyBelly; 139, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Meal for two: Rs 3,000

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