Fantom Bar & Brewery, located on the upper ground floor of South Point Mall in Gurgaon, is much more than your regular pub. Unlike a typical pub which often ignores the quality of food, this one doesn’t compromise on that. It was unexpected at the first when we visited the dining place one fine Sunday afternoon.

We saw a number of families enjoying a good Sunday brunch in the dim lights of Fantom. The space is considerably large and features wooden rustic interiors. The seating  area with comfortable sofas and high rise tables present a distinct view. One sees brown and military green theme throughout the outlet.

The food menu at Fantom offers you a range of different cuisines across starters, main course and beverages. One can also enjoy a variety of combos here. There is a provision of happy hours as well. 

In the munchies section, we enjoyed Baked Nachos. With an apt amount of cheese and pepper, the nachos tasted scrumptious. The nachos were also topped with sour cream and tomatoes which gave a little tangy flavour to the dish. Another perfect starter was the Fried Chickpea Masala. Good for someone who likes their food with minimal adornments but a quality taste. A little garnishing of onion and tomatoes added to its good taste. 

Their speciality lies in Pizzas. Wood-fired, thinly crusted, the Pizzas taste fine on the palate. We ordered American Fiesta here. This pizza radiated a thin aroma of being freshly baked when it arrived at our table. The veggies used in this one include corn, jalapenos, golden corn, and black olives among others. This can be customised as well according to the preference of an individual. The toppings were fresh and the pizza was crunched to perfection. 

A new experiment by Fantom in its food items are Tandoori Malai Broccoli and this  experiment doesn’t fail. Here Broccoli was smeared with cream and cooked in tandoor. I was a bit sceptical to order this food item as usually tandoori dishes are a bit salty and broccoli already has high sodium content. But my apprehensions waned away once I took a bite from this one. The salt wasn’t a problem and the crunchiness was retained.

However, apart from the food there are many other elements that makes this place worth enjoying. One can see matches on the wide screen placed here. There is also an Xbox to play some good games. Time and again the restaurant organises engaging cultural events like standup comedy and live music. This little relaxation along with the fine quality of food surely has a long way to go.

Fantom Bar & Brewery; DLF South Point Mall, Gurgaon

Meal for two: Rs 1,800