Bespoke is the new luxury and the art of personalisation is the Kérastase signature.Hair is a language and when a woman speaks with her hair, every gesture reflects a mood. Not simply a beauty attribute or a fashion accessory, it reflects a state of mind.

Every woman deserves to look her best. Kérastase offers creation of very personal care for the different hair types.The three step process of care transforms hair and nourishes it too.

Step 1, is a personalised hair and scalp diagnosis using the exclusive Kérastase camera. The camera can zoom into the scalp 200 times and the hair up to 500 times. Basis the diagnosis, the Kérastase Ambassador will create an ultra-precise hair and scalp profile to identify your primary and secondary needs.

For step 2, Kérastase offers the perfect in-salon solution with Fusio-Dose, which is able to target two concerns at one time using the combination of a concentrate and booster. In just 15 minutes, this fusion of highly effective products is able to condition hair leaving it looking healthy and nourished. Four-concentrated care formulas are fused with five powerful booster ingredients offering twenty possible combinations for a highly customised treatment in just 15 minutes.

Step 3, begins with home care products specific for your needs as recommended by Kérastase ambassador. Post which you can experience the unique Kérastase regime of bathe (shampoo)—treat (masque—texturise (leave-in) at home.