Kalki Fashion launched “The Trousseau Collection” that is now available exclusively online at www.kalkifashion.com and at all KALKI exclusive stores from 5 February onwards.

Bringing in the classy ethnic silhouettes for every modern woman, the collection adds a twist of fusion. Promising an ethnic wardrobe makeover, the collection gives you endless possibilities that create a must-have list with three exclusive couture collections to up your style game this wedding and festive season.

The Bandhani Chronicles: 

Rooted in Indian culture, the collection is a captivating blend of ethnic and global. Bringing forth a multitude of innovation and artistry, featuring lush fabrics and flawless craftsmanship, the Bandhani styles are yet another refining of modern ethnic emotions into contemporary and innovative techniques. If pop coloured outfits are your thing, then you must check out these exclusive Bandhej styles from our trousseau collection.

The Cocktail Kitsch: 

A cocktail of revived classics, signature embroideries, and silhouettes, this collection is for the brides who want à la mode styles with a cultural lining. The crafted cocktail designs are known for unique colours and exquisitely handcrafted embroideries.

The Perennial Classics: 

A tale of Indian aesthetics with modern tailoring, this collection is perfect for modern women who treasure heritage. From fresh new styles of wearing sarees, wearing them in unconventional drapes to trying new silhouettes, the classic saree style emphasises on the delicately thread embroidered Lucknowi sarees and the beautiful Banarasi sarees. Not only this, what will take you aback are the exquisitely woven Kashmiri classics sarees.