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We offer multi-disciplinary and unique learning: Kamini

LifestyleWe offer multi-disciplinary and unique learning: Kamini

Kamini Vidisha, co-founder of ACadru, an online learning platforms that offers multi-disciplinary modules, practical experiences, in a conversation with Guardian 20.

Q. Please tell us about the ideology of And how was it conceptualised?

A. In today’s world on an average, we pivot our careers 6-7 times in our life. We have to learn, unlearn and re-learn and focus on multi-disciplinary education to thrive in such a job-environment. Thus, ACadru was born, as labour of love for non-linear learning and a passion to remain forever curious. ACadru is a free idea-discovery platform, which gives access to multi-disciplinary online learning modules, on unique topics, to create a variety of careers aligned with the user’s passion and challenges of the future.

Q. DoesACadru work with the permutation and combination of an Algorithm-based module?

A. Right now, we are a mentor enabled platform. However, an analytics-based platform is in the works. Leveraging technology to assist a user to be able to determine what exploration to focus on. Next is the objective of our tech platform. For as we get more learner preference data, we can thus recommend learners, with which content to consume and how.

Q. You are an all-women team crew. Why so?

A. It was started by four of us in our second career innings. After having a life of doing a job and raising kids for decades, we were haunted by the thought of retirement and pension. It all seemed very bland and linear, with all mommy and school groups just conversing about assignments, and admissions to college. That’s when we decided to do something about this and started ACadru. We were motivated by the lack of a platform where students could be better prepared for future jobs.

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