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How to overcome the beauty bias

LifestyleHow to overcome the beauty bias

Both men and women know that the appearance counts, both socially and in the work place. Looking one’s best imparts self confidence, very necessary in today’s competitive career world. In general, there is the feeling that “beauty bias” does exist in the career world; that people react more favourably towards a good looking person; that with good looks, one has more chances of being hired at job interviews!
I believe that one of the most important aspects of personal appeal is personal hygiene. You may have attractive features and an alluring figure, but lack of personal cleanliness can really put people off. Believe me, it shows. No amount of perfume, cologne or make-up can camouflage the signs of inadequate hygiene. Keeping clean, fresh and fragrant is something you owe, not only to yourself, but to others you come in contact with. In fact, it is the basis of good health and good grooming. Clothes should be really clean and not smell of stale sweat! The fragrance you wear to work should be subtle and not too overpowering.
Keep some aspects in mind about what to wear to work. Balance and moderation are two qualities to strive for. Secondly, your clothes should not attract attention for the wrong reasons. Be discreet about them, avoiding low necklines, or transparent see-through fabrics. Avoid clothes with too many details, like frills, crystals, beads, etc. Saris and “dupattas” should not come in your way. Pin them up. Fussing all the time to settle clothes detracts from personal efficiency and poise. Avoid wearing very loose clothes, which make you look as if you are lounging at home.
Although long hair is in fashion, avoid keeping it loose. Put it up or tie it back in a pony tail, which is actually in fashion. If you have short hair, wear it softly and naturally layered. If you have shoulder length hair and wish to leave it open, condition it after shampoo, so that it is soft, smooth and manageable.
To refresh your make-up, carry a few items in your handbag. Carry fragrant wet tissues and powder compact. First wipe with the tissues and then dab powder. Touch-up after lunch with lipstick and carry cologne, or your favourite deodorant. Avoid jangling bangles, long dangling earrings for work. A light chain with matching ear tops would be ideal. An elegant watch is the right accessory. Avoid very high heels at work. Comfort is a factor to consider.
It is your personality and how you relate to others that make an impact. Personal qualities can be cultivated. Charm can be developed by being courteous, well mannered and considerate of others; be a good listener. What really makes an impact is sincerity. Your manner should not be “put on.” Be attentive to what others say. A charming person has warmth and kindness, which put other people at ease. A sense of humour always helps. It also goes a long way in improving how others feel about you. Even if you are shy, you can exude charm in a quiet sort of way. You can always relate to people with a friendly approach. You are bound to get a similar response. So, remember that it is not beauty, but your attitude towards yourself and others that can help to deal with “Beauty Bias.” I have always been a staunch believer in “internal health for external beauty.” Indeed, in physical fitness and good health lies the real fountain of beauty, much more effective than all the beauty potions and cosmetic treatments. It makes you feel good…..and feeling good makes you look good too.

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