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Professional wear solutions by leading fashion brands

FashionProfessional wear solutions by leading fashion brands

Acing the 9-to-5 style game can be a little tricky, especially in the winter season. So for those looking to overhaul their office wear, Guardian 20 has short-listed some professional wear brands for women that are totally appropriate for work and offer some trendy outfit options too.


FableStreet, a tailor-fit professional wear brand, has recently launched their collection called “The Boardroom Edit”. It showcases attires with clean edges and structured designs that fit right into your work wardrobe—ideal for meetings with clients, conferences and can transition to post-work commitments as well. Featuring classic silhouettes and modern details crafted into a bold colour palette, this is a classic collection styled for your workspace.

Ayushi Gudwani, CEO of FableStreet, says that the new collection is chic, clean and modern. “I believe this is what I imagine employees in a conscious corporate space wearing,” she says.

Another recent line, named “Zaha”, is created by FableStreet in collaboration with ace designer Nandita Basu. This office wear designer collection was inspired by the works of the renowned architect, Zaha Hadid. The collection comprises neo-futuristic designs in natural neutrals, quiet darks and urban tints. The line includes new patterns like knife pleats, triangular yokes and box pleats.

According to Gudwani, the popularity of eco-friendly and recycled fibres and fabrics will rise in 2019, as more and more people are choosing sustainable wardrobe over fast fashion. She says, “Khadi will also make a comeback in the form of basics and statement pieces. Also, high-quality polyester-based fabrics which are anti-wrinkle, easy care, lightweight and breathable will appear in the Indian market via select players.”

Hail Women

Making the lives of women easier with their carefully designed, beautiful, sleek, luxe looking and comfortable outfits, Hail Women, an online startup, offers a range of classy, office-appropriate outfits.

To understand more about the brand and how it is different from other professional wear brands, Guardian 20 talks to Hail Women’s founder Harshita Gupta. She tells us, “Hail Women is different in many ways. If we talk about the offline market, there are only a few brands available in metro cities with limited options to choose from. In addition to the problem of accessibility, these brands just offer very basic designs. Affordability is another issue with them. And online as well, people go to international sites and take a risk to buy from there. We at Hail Women are reachable to all women who use the Internet.”

Gupta feels that there is a lot of scope for experimentation in the office wear segment that still remains unexplored because of a variety of reasons. She says. “Actually we can experiment so much with designs and colours and style. No one wants to experiment here in India. And working women are struggling to get proper work wear. At Hail Women, I am not just giving you body-fitted attire for all shapes; we also have so many colours, styles and fabrics to choose from. We are giving designer pieces at a third of the market price.”

Three Piece Company

Another high-end professional wear brand, Three Piece Company (TPC) is a one-stop solution for men and women looking for formal clothing options are chic and edgy. Just three months into the fashion scene, the brand has released two collections, “The First Draft” and “Orgins”, both of which make formal wear fun. They offer a variety of clothes ranging from wardrobe staples, co-ord sets and also statement pieces which can be easily paired into numerous looks and ensembles.

Rahul Krishan Ahuja, founder of TPC, shares with us his thoughts about work wear essentials and TPC’s office-wardrobe lines.

“‘First draft’ is a rough sketch. It is an adventure, with no colour palette or fixed fabrics,” he says. “The second collection, ‘Origins’, was inspired by elements found in the countryside: age-old tools and implements which are a common sight at a farm. The colour story takes us back to our inspiration of a life of grit and determination. The palette consists of warm and neutral hues such as ochre, burnt orange, ecru, ash grey, moss green and dark wood brown. Fabrics used are varied in textures, ranging from cotton handloom, fine wool to soft crepes. The silhouettes focus on strong shoulders and enhance the natural form.”

Talking about the new trends for 2019 that will steal the show in the professional wear segment, he adds, “The upcoming trends of 2019 see a modern take on minimalism, with the idea of purchasing few but long-lasting items of clothing catching on.  Neutral colours, such as beige—which was common across numerous international designer pret-wear collections—will find their way back into wardrobes in the coming months. Womenswear for 2019 is going to have a number of functional elements in clothes that will be used as design details. Another major trend would be the use of lace inserts and applique borders.”

According to Ahuja, the trending colours for this year would be red, yellow, blue, and the various hues of beige.  He says, “The colour palette is bright and vibrant for 2019.”


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