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We are working to make Indian speciality coffee accessible: Nishant Sinha

LifestyleWe are working to make Indian speciality coffee accessible: Nishant Sinha

With the goal to create flawless and consistent coffee, Roastery Coffee House was founded in 2017 by Nishant Sinha. It is one of the finest brands of artisanal coffee and offers a varied range, brewed differently. In an exclusive conversation, Nishant Sinha gives his insights on his vision to serve the finest quality coffee to people all around the globe.
Q. What innovative plans do you have for Roastery Coffee House?
A. Roastery Coffee House was started with the objective of democratising Indian specialty coffee. By this we mean, we are working to make Indian specialty coffee accessible and available not just in metro cities but everywhere across India. Our plans include opening more cafes, innovating newer products that elevate coffee drinking experience, we also are working hard to go beyond borders. The opportunity to introduce our nation’s coffee to the outside coffee loving world will bring a huge sense of contentment and pride to our entire team.
Q. How India has seen a spike in the consumption of coffee over the last 10 years?
A. In the last ten years, India has seen a remarkable spike in coffee consumption, and it’s all because of new specialty coffee entrepreneurs like us. Indian coffee is one of world’s best shade grown coffees. Our coffee has a complex flavour profile that coffee aficionados look for in their coffee. For years and years, most of our coffee was exported because we didn’t drink much coffee. Also, we only knew coffee as instant coffee. It was only when our youngsters started travelling and drinking coffee outside India, that a demand for good coffee was seen back home. Even then, specialty coffee was limited to metro cities only. In last ten years, and especially after two lockdowns, there has been a genuine interest, curiosity and demand for Indian coffee.
Q. What is trending in the cafe culture, and cafe food scenario?
A. Cafe culture is not limited to youngsters only anymore. Our cafe is a family cafe where families consisting of kids, seniors and elderly all come together. Cafes provide an informal, all day dining setting where everyone feels at-home. Cafes serve many purposes – work meetings, catching up with friends, self-care etc. This is why cafes are becoming popular.
Q. How do you manage your quality check?
A. Our team goes all out to maintain superior quality at all times. Over the years, we have been able to foster a bond with coffee farmers. We visit farms at least three times a year. The coffees are literally handpicked and cultivated with utmost love, care, attention to detail and a lot of technical expertise.

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