Yes Madam, a beauty services app, it is an exclusive platform that provides doorstep beauty services. Targeting today’s busy women, urging them to pamper themselves with its ‘Salon-at-Home’ beauty services. The USP of this app, it charges you on per minute basis alongside material cost resulting in overall cost reduction, keeping the standard of service intact.

Founded by Mayank Arya and Aditya Arya in 2016. Yes Madam beauticians are well trained and properly take cares of the hygiene. The app focuses on different ways to help people. The only ‘Salon-at-Home’ service which gives you transparency when it comes to using the beauty products. The beauty products come in one-time use pouches that are not re-usable. So, there is no question of using a product more or less. If in case the products are left in the pouch the customer can keep it. The founders felt that going out to a salon and spending so much money on such expensive beauty products and yet felt like the products were not used properly. Another unique feature is that they give you the freedom to use your own products if you want. They don’t only provide beauty services to women but to men also.

I recently ventured into the Yes Madam beauty service. they provide you with all services from waxing to facial, smoothening to hair rituals like colour protection, Kera therapy, and more. They offer a unique and memorable experience by incorporating the current trends and exceptional customer services. I found the service to be more than satisfying.