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‘AAP is emerging as a third front in Himachal Pradesh’

News‘AAP is emerging as a third front in Himachal Pradesh’

That’s what AAP leaders believe as 50% door-to-door campaign has been completed in the state.


New Delhi: In a state where Assembly elections are bipolar between the Congress and BJP, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders believe that AAP is emerging as a third front in Himachal Pradesh. They believe that the party’s “Badlaav Yatra”, a travel activity that convinces the masses to opt for “change” and choose AAP, is getting public acceptance.
On the ground, the party is seen establishing its electoral base by going door-to-door. And to make this process smooth, the party is administering four groups in four parliamentary seats in the state responsible for “Rath Yatra” (political demonstration) and “Jansamvaad” (discussions to tap needs of the people).
In addition to that, the party’s reach-out activity is carried out by around 200 workers in each of the 68 Assembly constituencies in the state. As per the party leaders’ assessment, the party’s ‘voice’ has spread to about 40 lakh people, as they have completed 50% door-to-door campaign among the estimated 80 lakh population in the state.
The party is seen in a no compromising mood after its sweeping victory in the Assembly elections in Punjab. Political observers believe that the rush of motivation that came from the Punjab win has kept the party in “venturing mode” and on a lookout to “plant its foundation” in nearby states. AAP has its government in Delhi and Punjab with a huge mandate.
However, political analysts in the state believe that the party is reeling and in a shock after most of its cadre switched to BJP in early April this year. “The AAP has gone back to near zero and it is to be seen how they stand, if ever they do,” said a journalist who has seen the political developments in the state from close quarters.
Riding on AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal’s popularity, the party has made sure that the Delhi model of education would be its main campaign plank, and the party is conveying to people how the successive governments of the BJP and Congress have failed in providing proper school education to children.
Talking to The Sunday Guardian, AAP spokesperson in Himachal Pradesh, Gaurav Sharma, said, “The response is very good, voters are silent, but most classes of voters who support us are from the business and employee community. They are just looking for Punjab to decide on something that will substantially benefit the people, because people of Himachal Pradesh are following Punjab, and once the people feel the difference in governance there, they will definitely vote for the AAP in coming elections. Historically as well, the state has been with Punjab and the win there, early this year, will fully show its flourishing effect in Himachal.”
Jagmeet Bawa, Head of Department political science in Himachal Pradesh university, told The Sunday Guardian, the law and order in Punjab has made people very vocal and Himachal is different, it is not like Delhi and Punjab, it has a two-party dominance, they have been ruling here in turns. “One thing is sure that the momentum they had gained earlier is not the same this time, people don’t feel the appeal of the AAP,” he added.

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