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Food diplomacy: Indian cuisine wows G20 guests  

NewsFood diplomacy: Indian cuisine wows G20 guests  

New Delhi

India laid out a lavish spread at the official G20 lunch and dinner for the world’s top leaders who feasted on elaborate vegetarian cuisine on Saturday, the first of the two-day G20 Summit that kicked off in New Delhi on Saturday. The food was served on exquisitely curated silver tableware in an atmosphere of warm hospitality.

Master chefs handpicked ingredients and dishes to showcase the country’s culinary range before visiting dignitaries and the menu included dishes such as Kerala’s specialty vanavarnam jackfruit galette with glazed forest mushroom, millet and red rice, spicy potatoes, crispy okra, saffron-flavoured lotus stem rice, and cottage cheese with fenugreek. The world-famous Mumbai pao also found a prime place in the bread basket.
For dessert, the leaders were served madhurima (a sweet dish made with milk and sugar), and Bengali rasgulla, paan favoured chocolate, filter coffee, Kashmiri kahwa and Darjeeling tea.

The meals were a chance for the leaders to bond and informally discuss ways to promote sustainable development and food security.

The dinner hosted by the President Murmu for about 170 guests brought a mini-India on the plate from Bihar, Mysore, Punjab, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. Millets remained the star ingredient in most dishes, especially samosas, parathas, kheer and pudding.

Paneer lababdar (Uttar Pradesh cuisine), potato lyonnaise, cashewnut makhana, penne in arrabiata sauce added to the feast for the senses. The two meals were a befitting show of abundance of food, beautifully presented and prepared with care. The dishes were exotic and flavourful, and the presentation was stunning.

The tableware collection for the marquee event was also selected with care. For the 550 dignitaries, 15,000 silverware, made from 160 kilograms of silver, was brought from Jaipur. The revered Ashoka emblem on the silverware symbolised India’s historical grandeur.

IRIS Silverware from Jaipur had unveiled the exquisite G20 Summit dinner tableware collection designed by Rajeev and Laksh Pabuwal. “The electroplated silver finish added a touch of sophistication, aligning seamlessly with the grandeur of the event,” said Rajeev Pabuwal.

“Each piece of tableware and decor embodies India’s culture, art, and hospitality. With every shimmering detail, they curate a sensory feast, entwining heritage and luxury on the global stage. At the G20 Summit, the tableware is a reflection of India’s resplendent spirit,” said Laksh.

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