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News‘G20 presidency strengthens Indian’s case to lead the Global South’

‘China might try to ensure India does not succeed in achieving a fulfilling outcome document at the G20 summit’.

New Delhi

The great outcomes from India’s presidency to host the G20 summit would strengthen the country’s case to lead the Global South, said experts at the two-day Festival of Ideas hosted by NewsX, The Sunday Guardian and India News that are a part of the iTV Network.

Analysts observed that the success of the Summit will not just be judged by the shape and content of the outcome document but the way the country has left an imprint on the grouping. “The abstract of the document cannot take away the credit from India which has brought together a completely fractured world to the discussion table. It was possible to bring together nations on the same platform and produce large suggestions for use as policy in several countries,” said Prof Madhav Nalapat, editorial director, The Sunday Guardian.

Even before Russia confirmed that President Vladimir Putin would not attend the G20 Summit physically in New Delhi due to strategic and diplomatic concerns, Nalapat had shared information for such a possibility at the Festival. Even if Putin keeps away from G20 Summit, as he did in the case of BRICS, such an action “will resonate very well with Indians” who are friendly with Russia.  

Nalapat also hailed India’s ability to organize numerous sessions of the pre-Summit working groups, saying that the achievement of New Delhi lies in bringing everybody together. “One thing is clear, this is taking place at a time of widening chasm between two groups of countries,” he said, referring to the divide within nations over the stand to take over the Ukraine-Russia war.

He said India aspires to be the leader of the global south and the G20 platform is offering it a great opportunity to help these countries. He, however, cautioned that China is not the hurdle in India becoming the voice of the global south but “China has a problem with India representing these countries”.

Hailing the success of India’s moon landing, Nalapat said so far as the global south is concerned the immense success of Chandrayan has made India a role model in terms of technology for these countries. He said India’s models in health and digital education are most sought-after.

Ambassador Gautam Bambawale, former envoy to China, justified India’s stand on the Ukraine war, saying there has been pressure on India but it has held its ground.

He also hinted that China might try to ensure India does not succeed in achieving a fulfilling outcome document at the G20 summit that is set to see participation by US President Joe Biden.

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