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Naina Pachnanda’s book is about navigating through life

NewsNaina Pachnanda’s book is about navigating through life

Naina Pachnanda, a 31 year old lawyer based in New Delhi, an alumnus of Delhi Public School R.K.Puram and the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata, wrote Miracles do Happen, a book of over 200 poems based on life, love, loss, failure, rejection, hope, motivation, introspection, self reflection and abundant happiness; in a span of less than one year.
“A lawyer by day and a poet by night” as she calls herself, Naina currently works with Invest India – the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India.
Naina initially started writing hope filled and relatable poetry on her Instagram handle, where in a span of less than two years her following grew to more than 40,000- also labelling her as an influencer for the youth on Instagram. In April 2021, she published first book called ‘A New India’, a book of patriotic poetry, launched by Smriti Irani, India’s Minister for Women and Child Development. Simultaneously she was working on her second book – to address the challenges of life and provide hope filled solutions.
Miracles do Happen is her second publication, and was launched in November, 2021 by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana.
“Why do we seek the comfort of certainty, When in truth the only certainty is uncertainty; Why do we seek solace in the permanence, When in reality the only permanence is impermanence”- reads page 72 in a poem titled ‘ Impermanence is Permanence’ from the book Miracles do Happen.
A reminder to be mindful of our thoughts as she writes about how “ We don’t reside in bungalows or apartments, We reside in moments of joy and disappointments”; “ Just like we constantly clean our homes, Our mind is like this huge vacuum where our thoughts freely roam”.
Focusing on how prayer is the most important catalyst in her life she writes about how “When the world shuts us out and we are the brink of the crest, Prayer is the greatest sword that we possess”.
A very valuable and thought provoking book, also addresses her message for the world “Don’t compare your progress to that of others, Don’t hate on the good luck of another; Each of us have our own blessings, And our own mission for which we are destined”.
Miracles do Happen is a book that can help each of us, across all age groups navigate through life’s uncertainty and innumerable challenges and manifest abundant happiness in our lives. It is available on Amazon as well as the leading bookstores of the city such as Bahrisons.
A need of the hour book – based on her learnings of life and Naina’s knowledge and insights gained as a tarot card reader. Yes, she wears many hats, and has been recently recognized as one of the 100 emerging women leaders by YourStory.

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