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Naxals shifting to Narayanpur, MMC zone

NewsNaxals shifting to Narayanpur, MMC zone

Establishment of police and CRPF camps has compelled the Maoists to move their cadre.


New Delhi: The establishment of police camps and CRPF camps has compelled the Naxals to move their cadre towards the interior regions of Narayanpur. Some officials believe that they may move toward the MMC (Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh) regions. Officials are keeping close track of the movements and are focussing on establishing more camps in the Kistaram region and Bheji, Dakshin Bastar Dantewada region of Chhattisgarh.
“Currently, most of the Naxal bases are Pamed (Bijapur)-Kistaram (Dakshin Bastar Dantewada) border region. In the future, there is a possibility that their division may start shifting to MMC (Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh) zones. Due to the improved connectivity, we believe that the naxal have begun moving to interior regions of Narayanpur,” a police officer, who wishes to stay anonymous, told The Sunday Guardian.
The establishment of camps has lessened Naxal activities and as per information received by The Sunday Guardian, the movement of Naxals is limited to some areas of Dakshin Bijapur, Dakshin Sukma, area of Indravati National Park, Abujmarh and Koylibeda. Within three-and-a-half years, a total of 43 new security camps have been established which include Bastar (Bodli, Tiriya, Bhadrimuh, Rekhaghati, Chandameta); Dantewada (Potali, Chindnar, Badekarka, Chikpal, Tetam, Bhogam, Nahadhi, Hiroli), Kondagaon (Pungarpal, Anantpur, Kuyemadhi); Bijapur (Tarrem, Bechapal. Dharmavaram, Phundri, Galgam, Nugur, Jaigur, Minkapalli); Narayanpur (Kademeta, Dongerhills, Anjrel, Khargaon); Kanker (Sureli, Kamtedha, Katgaon, Padhargaon, Arra) Sukma (Minpa, Badhesetti, Murkam, Kamargudha, Nala, Mankapal, Silger Mokur, koilagudha, Karigudham, Potakpalli, Elmagudha).
Currently, around 12 roads in the Bastar region are still under construction such as Barsur-Palli road, Dantewada; Basagudha-Sarkegudha-Terram road, Bijapur; Narayanpur-Sonpur-Maroda (Narayanpur); Koyali Beda-Partappur road; Chotedongar-Orcha road and so forth.
“The establishment of roads will help the villagers and the security forces; there are several roads that are required to be constructed,” another police officer told this correspondent.
The establishment of security camps has provided villagers with water, electricity, medical facilities, education, and several other facilities. As per various reports in 2021, within the last two years, 28 security camps have been established in the Naxal-affected Bastar.
Since December 2018, remote areas were connected with 700 km of roads that include, Bijapur-Awapalli-Jagrgunda, Narayanpur-Palli-Barsur, Antagarh-Bedma, Chintanapalli- Nayapara, Chintal Nar-Madai Guda, Konta-Golla Palli roads and so on.
However, to showcase their presence, the Maoists keep on attacking the newly developed camps. In the last month, some suspected Maoists attacked a newly established camp, the whole attack lasted for 40 minutes during which the Maoists fired rifle grenades into the Hiroli CAF camp which is located 50 km from the Dantewada district headquarters deep within a jungle beneath the Bailadila hills.
Similarly, on 21 March, three CRPF members were hurt in an attack on a camp in Elmaguda, and on 18 April, four security personnel were attacked in a camp in the Bijapur district.

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