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US midterms may not be a cakewalk for Republicans

NewsUS midterms may not be a cakewalk for Republicans

Very few Americans understand the difference between the left and the right because those are dinner table conversations. The struggle for most American families now is getting on that dinner table.

While it was touted by most Republican media that the 2022 midterm elections in the United States would be a cakewalk for the Republicans, but the reality seems to be dawning on them quickly. Let’s examine here some key states and key runs. The Democrats’ main strategy has revolved around equality, diversity and the demonizing of MAGA Republicans. The Democrats’ consistent messaging has been on legislative accomplishments in the House and also the political targeting of supporters of the 45th President, Donald Trump. Increasingly, it looks like the 45th is the main target of Democrat campaign strategists. The Democratic campaign is focused on the “fear” of the return of the 45th loyalists. However, since this is not a presidential election, this strategy may backfire because people are still recovering from the economic losses due to the pandemic and the higher cost of living. However, this fear strategy is bringing together the core Democrat voter base. But the problem will be Independents and the neutral Democrats. They might not side with these Democratic positions. Increasingly, the Democrats, led by an earlier Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, have taken a more nationalistic position, which will be a real challenge to the Democrats’ campaign strategy of. However, at the local level in the majority of Democrat held positions, race, inclusivity and diversity are the predominant election themes, which Republicans have not been able to counter. In the congressional races, Democrats have had a major narrative advantage among cultural and linguistic minorities. However, how the current state of the economy helps them remains to be seen. Since this is not a Presidential election, the national image of Joe Biden is not going to affect the local races. Increasingly, even Republican House leaders are acknowledging that they don’t have a real advantage on the ground.
As per various polls, voters are aware that a partisan control of the House will get things done either way. That’s why the control of the House is what both parties are stressing on in their strategy. If Republicans control the House, Biden’s presidency becomes even more dysfunctional. However, if Democrats control the House, then Republicans have a serious disadvantage. It’s a fight for the soul of the US. For ordinary citizens, a strong Opposition always helps. Currently, Americans don’t have an Opposition. In the majority of counties, economic hardship is one singular topic on which all Americans unite. Capitalism vs socialism debate is for the people whose bellies are full and thus they have extra time to ponder on philosophical issues. That’s where I think that the Republican media is losing the narrative. This election is not about what gaffes President Biden made to retain American exceptionalism and leadership abroad. This election is not about whether President Biden is able to speak coherent sentences. Or even whether he is able to read his lines properly. This election is also not about President Biden’s immigration policies. This election is about putting food on the table, affordable housing and focus on retaining the American way of life. This election is also about free speech, which has been denied to most Americans nowadays in social media, academic institutions and a war free world. Most Americans would not want to send their money to foreign countries to protect their freedom while ignoring the US. Both parties have collaborated in sending money to aid foreign nations in their wars, while ignoring the economic hardships of the Americans. Very few Americans understand the difference between the left and right because those are dinner table conversations. The struggle for most American families now is getting on that dinner table.
The Democrat elites are jet-setting around the world preaching about climate change, while completely ignoring the financial hardships of even middle-class Americans. The Republican elites on the other hand have been preaching about the benefits of capitalism vs socialism. All these preaching points would have sounded very good if the American economy was booming. But in a hand-to-mouth situation, these seem to be out of place. No one has time for these philosophical points. The increasing politicization of the federal agencies is a concern, which most Americans would relate to. Strengthening police forces is what most Americans will support. Immigration is a sensitive topic which most Americans would rather reserve their opinion on, because they too were immigrants to this country. It is the failure of American state policy not to allow financially stable states south of the border. Why is every country on the southern border financially and politically unstable? The answer to this question will startle many Americans and my short article on midterm elections is not meant to give that answer. Immigration is an issue on which both parties routinely contradict each another. They both want an immigration that helps them in elections. On the issue of supporting foreign funding of wars, when the US needs those funds badly is not also most Americans oppose. On healthcare most Americans would ideally support any party which helps them reduce their bills. Healthcare is not the issue of privilege and better quality but rather affordability. Everyone needs quality healthcare. Whether it’s done through private or public enterprises, that doesn’t matter.
Republican strategists have focused on evangelical Christian ideas on abortion and other women’s rights. Most immigrants coming from the southern borders are Catholics. They are clearly contradicting their Christian values by denying other Christians a right to immigrate. The American legal immigration laws for most countries across the southern borders are tougher than those with Canada and Europe. With rampant political corruption induced largely by their big northern neighbor, most countries south of the American border barely exist economically. They don’t have the resources to stop the northern movement of their people. The 9th Summit of the Americas was a total failure because of the American policy of excluding Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. Most countries downgraded their participation. This summit could have been a major success for the US had it not been disrespectful of the sovereignty of the South American nations in an international summit hosted in Los Angeles. Both parties were united in their opposition to the exclusion of these three nations. The immigration issue could have seen some sort of a solution if the leaders of the South American nations were shown due respect. This kind of high-handedness of American State policy makes the resolution of vexed immigration issues much more difficult. Both parties support a stronger military, and therefore, there is another convergence between the two parties. Overall, Democrats have stuck to their strategic positions, while Republicans have a rather confused strategic approach to the mid-term elections.

Aditya Satsangi is a US-based author of many books on “Sattology”. His latest book, “Transcending the Mind” promotes yoga to control the mind.

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