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What secret will Hillary reveal?

opinionWhat secret will Hillary reveal?

Hillary Clinton is now the nominee of the Democratic Party for the presidency of the United States. One of her husband’s and her closest and longest standing advisers is John Podesta, the chairman of her campaign, who was White House Chief of Staff and later Counselor to President Barack Obama. Podesta has publicly shown his interest in the ever controversial issue of unidentified flying objects. He prefaced a book by veteran journalist Leslie Kean (UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Concerned officials Go on the Record (2010), which presented a number of irrefutable and unexplained cases.

He stated more than once that the American people could handle the truth and gave his reasons: “It is the right thing to do and it is the law.”

On 13 February 2015, he tweeted from his official account: “My biggest failure in 2014: once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files (hashtag: thetruthisstilloutthere).” Hillary Clinton bore him out when she pledged, if elected, to order an investigation on 8 January 2016, confirming by the way her husband’s cautious statement on a TV show some years earlier that the earth had possibly been visited.

Such insistent calls from high places for public disclosure imply that there is something significant to be disclosed, contrary to the official line, repeated since the closing down of the Condon inquiry commission in 1968 that there is nothing of interest in UFOs. Yet back in 1954 the Robertson Panel’s “Durant” report commissioned by the CIA advised belittling and deriding the topic in public in order to prevent popular hysteria or other undesirable reactions. This followed the Air Force’s Project Sign report, which detected a likely “alien” cause behind UFOs. Several later documents from other countries, including the high level 1999 COMETA Panel report in France concluded that something “out of this world” was at work and hundreds of books and documentary films have since analysed and argued for an ET presence.

A portion of the site where a UFO allegedly crashed near Roswell, US in 1947 is marked with flowers and two small US Flags.  ReutersPodesta is far from being alone in calling for hidden information to be made public in this area. A vast number of high level personalities and officials have expressed similar views since the end of the Second World War. In an official press release, General Ramey, commanding officer of the 8th Army Air Force at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, declared that his staff was in possession of a “flying disc”, but that announcement was hastily rescinded, apparently under orders from his superior, AAF chief of staff Hoyt Vandenberg. Still, Admiral Hillenkoetter, the first Director of National Intelligence was one of many top officers to acknowledge in a 28 February 1960 New York Times op-ed that UFOs were a matter of government investigation and concern.

Both General Nathan Twining in his top secret report to the US Army Air Force Commander dated 23 September 1947 and the Canadian official Wilbert B. Smith in the 1950s confirmed to his government the non-human origin of the phenomenon and the extreme secrecy with which it was dealt by the US government (“higher than the Manhattan Project’s” according to Smith).

Apart from successive UN Secretary Generals U Thant, Kurt Waldheim and Perez de Cuellar, who took personal interest and vainly sought to involve the international assembly in the subject, in the teeth of the Security Council’s P-5 opposition, at least six US Presidents are on record for stating that they were trying to find out about it or had not been able to. They are Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Ford, Carter and Clinton, but the Clinton case stands out. Soon after coming to office in 1992, he tasked his confidant and counsel to the transition team, Webster Hubbell with the mission to plumb the mystery. Hubbell was stonewalled and Clinton, like his predecessors, gave up. However, in 1995, the President and his wife were invited by Laurance Rockefeller to spend a weekend at his JY Ranch in Grand Teton, Wyoming.

In that secluded wilderness, surrounded by deep lakes, dark forests, dormant volcanoes and spouting geysers, the elderly Rockefeller explained to the First Couple that he had launched a public initiative to shine light on the issue of UFOs, which, he had many reasons to believe, was caused by one or several extraterrestrial or at least non-human intelligent life forms. He had earlier hosted a series of expert sessions on the subject on the family estate in upstate New York. The Rockefellers had been exposed there to the spectacular series of UFO activities since made famous as the “Hudson Valley sightings”, of which more than 5,000 were recorded in the period from 1982 to 1986.

Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has drawn a detailed chart of the Rockefeller initiatve:

It appears that the Clintons expressed concern about the President’s political fate and their personal safety if they lent themselves to the disclosure exercise. Rockefeller, nevertheless, with Clinton’s approval, took an appointment with the President’s science adviser, Dr John Gibbons and the CIA official entrusted with the “weird science” department, but found them seemingly uninformed and unhelpful. The miffed Laurance, accompanied by the retired Naval Intelligence Commander Scott Jones, threatened to take out full page ads in all major newspapers in the US to expose the UFO situation and the government’s obstruction. This sent alarm signals up the hierarchy, which managed to deflect the attack by promising to cooperate. It came to nothing and the ageing tycoon eventually threw in the towel. Ironically, his late brother Nelson Rockefeller is regarded as one of the authors of the government’s policy of obfuscation and denial.

So what has now prompted Podesta and Hillary Clinton to promise that if she becomes President, she will make the UFO files public and open an investigation into the mysterious research projects and tests being conducted at Nevada’s Area 51 and associated military/CIA facilities since the early 1950s?

Firstly, various high profile events, beginning with the 9 May 2001 conference at the National Press Club hosted by Dr Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project and culminating at the Citizens Hearing organised by Stephen Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group, also in Washington DC on 29-30 April 2013 have shown that government servants, subcontracted consultants and technical experts in major military industrial corporations in a few countries have worked for years on UFO related evidence and have been tasked with reverse engineering retrieved “exotic” materials and technologies in classified (unacknowledged/ special access) projects, possibly in breach of constitutional norms and provisions and without public accountability and scrutiny.

Hundreds of these officers, scientists and contractors have testified to this under oath. Others, including ICBM launch officers have gone public, led by USAF Captain Robert Salas with the information that their facilities were on various occasions “visited” by unknown craft, in some cases temporarily de-activating the nuclear warheads. There are also insider reports and “classified” films of military satellites being destroyed by UFOs with high energy beams. This is now known to millions of Americans, including almost all members of Congress, who were personally briefed by PRG and the Disclosure Project staff.

Hillary Clinton appears to see the benefit of winning the votes of those who want to have access to the Deep State’s clandestine operations.

Secondly, much of the extreme secrecy surrounding the matter was decreed under the watch of Republican administrations, although such policies are devised above party leaderships and
Democrats may score points if they can show that GOP statesmen are mainly responsible for deceiving their countrymen and the rest of the world on a matter of critical significance.

As to why such a long-term and strict cover up was imposed, the answer lies in a few words which for want of space will not be further explicated:

a) National security in a Cold War context, jeopardised by the presence of an uncontrolled alien factor and the quest for strategic power, possibly bolstered by the clandestine acquisition of advanced technologies hitherto unknown to mankind, and

b) concerns regarding faith and social order, if states and churches are found to be clueless and defenceless against a potential threat which may invalidate many of mankind’s most basic and cherished religious and scientific assumptions and dogmas.

Further, there is a strong possibility, supported by several inside sources, that certain private or state entities have been covertly in contact for decades with some of the non-earthly visitors, gaining in the process information and capabilities that place them far above the rest of mankind. American historian Richard Dolan has defined this hypothesis by the term “runaway civilization”. Making this public knowledge would raise issues that no US President so far has been willing or able to address. Would Hillary Clinton do what her husband could or would not?


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