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Udhayanidhi reads out a secessionist script

opinionUdhayanidhi reads out a secessionist script

Ever since 2014, there has been a renewed attempt to bolster the secessionist agenda by political parties ahead of the general election.

Tamil Nadu Minister and DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement calling for the “eradication of Sanatan Dharma” has triggered national outrage. More than a mere political remark, the utterances betray a sinister intent with genocidal consequences. In fact, it is not the first time that Dravidian party leaders were making such obnoxious statements deriding Sanatan Dharma. Some DMK leaders could not figure out why this hullaballoo now, as they have been making such anti-Hindu tirade for the last seven decades without much challenge.

In the run-up to the last Assembly elections, Udhayanidhi, a failed film actor, had stated that he was a “proud Christian” and pictures of him kneeling before a Christian priest in a church had gone viral on social media then. A few more politicians from Tamil Nadu has come out in support of Udhayanidhi, including senior Congress leader P.

Chidambaram’s son Karthi Chidambaram and Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) chief, Thol Thirumavalavan.
Udhayanidhi’s statement cannot be viewed in isolation and is part of a larger scheme of anti-Hindu colonial agenda pushed through by the Christian evangelicals. Manipulation and appropriation of scriptures in Tamil were done by Christian missionaries like Robert Caldwell, who pushed the divisive narrative of Dravidianism. For this he transformed the Linguistic Theory propounded by British civil servant in Bharat, Francis Whyte Ellis to a racial theory. Based on this, the Dravidian movement was given shape by Periyar and other political leaders. Evangelicals have made deep inroads into the system by placing their men in key positions to advance their agenda. Some time ago, an evangelical person had claimed how during DMK regime they have managed to push their agenda through academics.

Ever since DMK has come to power, there has been a systematic onslaught on temples. In the name of road widening, century-old temples are being bulldozed without impunity. Protests by devotees are ruthlessly suppressed. Attacks on temples are dismissed as the handiwork of “mentally unstable men”. It must be mentioned here that Udhayanidhi made the statement while the state minister for temple affairs was present on the dais.

What is more alarming is that except for a few random statements denouncing Udhayanidhi’s remark, no pollical party from the Opposition, which swears by secularism, has come out openly against it.

Ever since 2014, there has been a renewed attempt to bolster the secessionist agenda by political parties ahead of the general election. BJP’s victory and depleting space for the Opposition has forced them to take the pernicious path by aggravating social schism and widening fault lines already existing in society. Sometime ago, a “Cutting South” conclave to push the secessionist agenda was held in Kochi with the blessings of the ruling CPI(M) and external forces. Under public pressure, they were forced to tone down the secessionist rhetoric but are again at it. But the forces behind the “Cutting South” conclave are very much active and planning to redouble their efforts with the help of Islamist and evangelical forces. The southern states of Bharat have become theatres of large-scale evangelical activities. Some political parties, including DMK, have been giving overt and covert support to evangelical and Islamist forces. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin is expected to inaugurate the Cutting South conclave 2.0 by Leftist and divisive forces in Chennai.
Ahead of the upcoming general elections, there is a plan to bring together all secessionist forces under one umbrella for a coordinated attack on the “idea of Bharat”. The ban on Popular Front of India, which had prepared a blueprint for cutting off the South from the North by 2047, had dealt a severe blow to the secessionist forces. But the recent victory of Congress in Karnataka has given a fresh lease of life to such forces. Besides, the open support to Udhayanidhi’s statements by several Congress leaders, including the minister and son of the Congress president betrays the strong links the party has with the “break India” forces.

Some political observers have dismissed Udhayanidhi’s statement as “immature blabbering” by a scion of the ruling dynasty in Tamil Nadu. But one must remember that what he was reading out at the conclave was the script of the divisive forces. Ignoring the ominous writing on the wall is a recipe for disaster.

  • J. Nandakumar is the national convenor of Prajna Pravah. He authored “Swa: Struggle for National Selfhood”.
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