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Bangladeshi women are being trafficked to India

WorldBangladeshi women are being trafficked to India

Motorcycles used in trafficking; Certificate of Indian citizenship made for trafficked women

Dhaka: Bangladeshi women are being trafficked to India. An organized woman trafficker in Bangladesh and India is trafficking women under the temptation of giving jobs. After being trafficked, those women are being sold to brokers in India. Being sold, they are being used for sex work in various brothels and hotels. A trafficker told the police. Already, they had trafficked 1,500 women from Bangladesh to India and most of those women now are in Bangalore in India
Recently, a pornographic video of a Bangladeshi girl became viral in Bangalore. Indian police arrested two Bangladeshis involved in trafficking. The girl was brought back to the country from Bangalore 77 days after being trafficked. Back in the country, the woman gave a thrilling description to the police. She said there were thousands of women prisoners in various dormitories of the trafficking syndicate in Bangalore. They are being detained there and are being physically and sexually abused.
They are being forced into prostitution in India. The women were trafficked by being tricked into believing they would be made a Tik-Tok star or get a job in a parlour or super shop in India. After receiving information about the trafficking of women, police conducted an operation in Satkhira, a border district of Bangladesh. Three members of the syndicate were arrested from there. The main route of trafficking women is Bangladeshi Vomra port; the opposite side is the Gocchadhanga border of India and Bangladesh Benapol and Indian Petrapol border.
According to the Bangladesh Police, more than a thousand women have been trafficked on the Vomra-Benapole border. There are safe houses for traffickers in the border areas where women from different places, including Dhaka, are kept. From there, they are taken inside the Indian border on motorcycles and handed over to the Indians. brokers.
Hayday Babu, who make Tik-Tok videos in Bangladesh, used to do the work of collecting women by having a “hangout pool party”. The temptation of the job would take him to India. The smugglers have several homes in Bangalore. They are kept there. From the houses, the women are forced to do prostitution in different hotels and houses. Thus, thousands of Bangladeshi women are still trapped in Bangalore. The sound of their cries no longer comes out of the four walls.
According to the police, 12 people were accused in the case filed by the girl who had returned to the country. Three of them were arrested from Satkhira disrict of Bangladesh. Police say about 1,500 women have been trafficked through this cycle.
Hayday Babu, recently arrested in India, was the coordinator of the ring. The girl, who returned from India, told the police the tragic story of her torture. The three arrested are Mehedi Hasan Babu, Abdul Quader and his son Mohiuddin. Mehedi Hasan Babu alone has trafficked 1,000 women to various places in India. Four members of the syndicate, including Boss Rafi and Madam Shahida, were arrested last Monday. Deputy Commissioner of Tejgaon Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Mohammad Shahidullah said this at a press conference.
It was told at the press conference that Hayday Babu was introduced to the trafficked girl in 2019 at Madhubagh Bridge in Hatirjheel. Hayday Babu sometimes tried to seduce a teenager by making a Tik-Tok video or offering a good paying job. In February 2020, Hayday Babu organized a “TickTalk Hangout” with 60-70 people at Adventure Land Park in Narayanganj and on September 18, 2020 at Afrin Garden Resort in Gazipur with a pool party of 600-700 young people. Hayday Babu, with the help of other associates of this internationally active human trafficking ring, smuggled the girl to India on February 19 this year at a bait Lalon Shah Mazar in Kushtia.
She was subjected to horrific torture from the time she was caught by the traffickers. Police DC Shahidullah told reporters that after being trafficked to India, the girl was kept in several houses in the Anandapur area of Bangalore. The girl met some other young women and girls from the Hatirjheel area in the houses. Among them was a young woman who was recently tortured in a video that went viral and was trafficked to a supermarket, super shop or beauty parlor for a well-paid job, he said. In Bangalore, a video of a Bangladeshi girl being undressed and tortured recently went viral. The 22-year-old girl was also gang-raped during the physical torture, reported. Bangalore police arrested six people in the incident. Two of them were shot while fleeing, Indian police.
Shahidullah said the victim was sent to a hotel in Chennai for 10 days, a few days after arriving in Bangalore. She was kept in the hotel and subjected to inhuman physical and perverted sexual torture. Tactically, family members and acquaintances are held hostage by consuming drugs or forcibly stripping naked and recording videos. Six days after being trafficked to India, the teenager, along with two other Bangladeshis, managed to escape and come to Bangladesh with the help of the recently tortured girl. Police officer Shahidullah said accused Mehedi Hasan Babu had been involved in human trafficking for about 7-8 years. He admitted that more than 1,000 women, including the victims of the case, were trafficked.
The Indian mobile numbers of Hayday Babu, Sagar, Sabuj, Dalim and Rubel were found in the mobile and diary recovered from him. There, the “Aadhaar number” of the tortured girl in Bangalore and the names of a significant number of victims trafficked to India and “details” of people involved in human trafficking were found, he said, adding that the other two accused were Mohiuddin and Abdul Quader.

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