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Amawasya on Pournami

CultureAmawasya on Pournami

Scientists declared
hat it was the Moon which
which made my spirits
rise and fall
As though I was on
a cocktail of chemicals
The daily Suns of energy
sank in me, exhausted
watching the World for a full day
I let the hot rays of that burning orb
enter me cleanly
in the distant horizon
Soon the Moon scudded over me
shedding pale light on me
The Moon was elusive
emaciated, like an arc
a child would draw to test out
a new instrument box
And yet
it was as rounded as a Universe
in itself
As the stars chased the Moon
on the slippery dome of sky
The orb draped itself
In cloud silk
charming those
who believe in love
The uneasy saadhak
searches for his love of truth
that rests tucked away in the soul
as jewellery in folded magenta paper
The window as a frame
for this theatre
in the mind
Yes, Moon
My love, like Energy
changes its form
When you come to woo me
I shall throw you
from crest to trough
of my waves of emotion
I shall meet you
as you dwindle in daylight
Moon, how I love you!
Come, let me drown you
sink you, in me
Making Amaavasi on Pournami.
— Lakshmi Bayi.

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