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‘Nalanda: Until we meet again’ is a gripping story of romance and vengeance

Culture‘Nalanda: Until we meet again’ is a gripping story of romance and vengeance

Gautaam Borah, a senior management professional and the author of the widely acclaimed book ‘Monetising Innovation’, launched his new book ‘Nalanda – Until we meet again’ recently.
The book was launched by legendary writer Ruskin Bond.
With his new book, Gautaam delivers a movie like experience that includes action, adventure, romance, passion, grit & intuition and mystery. The book will lead you to travel through all these in a jaw dropping race.

Renowned writer Ruskin Bond with author Gautaam Borah.

‘Nalanda- until we meet again’ is a gripping story of romance, vengeance, and an age-old mystery. It’s a story of Neil and Aanchal. Neil meets Aanchal at the iconic University of Oxford and they fall in love. Back in India, Aanchal joins an NGO and Neil a telecom company. Neil is propelled into a ruthless journey when he becomes a victim of corporate politics. Aanchal’s politician father charters a different path for her and she disappears. A stunning revelation from a mysterious sage puts Neil at the crossroads of a century-old mystery Neil needs to take up a journey to Nalanda to complete a larger task to bring Aanchal back in his life.
Can Neil accomplish this? Will Aanchal come back? A breathtaking race stretched across centuries from Oxford to Nalanda. Readers will witness how a love story turns into a mind-bending tale.
“Nalanda offers lot more. Like love, mystery, corporate politics, time travel, karma, explicitness & crime. There is so much happening in so little time that one would have hardly any time to reflect. Nalanda does it for you and to your contentment in a breathtaking race.” Gautaam Borah, author of the book says.
During the launch, Ruskin Bond praised the book and urged the people to read it. He said, “Nalanda can become a movie and touches upon the aspect of life where one come across elements like search, adventure, love, crime, loss, happiness, time, intuition, the unknown, etc.”

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