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Nucros helps change and improve people’s lifestyle for a lifetime: Sakshi Bakshi

CultureNucros helps change and improve people’s lifestyle for a lifetime: Sakshi Bakshi

In an Interview with G20, Sakshi Bakshi, Founder, Nucros Science and Taste talks about her vision to create a world where nobody will have to compromise with taste in order to achieve their health goals. Excerpts:
Q. Amidst the chaos & the confusion, what is seemingly essential is the urgent need for continuous guidance related to nutrition & well being of what we intake. Nucros Science & Taste is a highly evolved scientifically backed platform to tap into nutritious food. How did it unfold? 
It was during my tenure of consulting pharma companies that I realized a lot of health conditions, especially metabolic disorders could be just managed with dietary & lifestyle management. And even though there are lot of options available, most people are unable to stick with such restrictive diet plans for a long time because they find it boring or hard to prepare. This is what gave birth to Nucros, where a team of doctors, nutritionists and chefs help realise your health goals with no compromise on taste or variety.
The next step was to simplify the process for our customers, wherein they do not have to stress and think about what their next meal will be and our subscription based model allowed their health and fitness journey to be smooth sailing. At Nucros, consumers can simply fill up a form, post which they would receive a call from our nutritionist or a doctor, who will then take them step by step through the entire process, making the entire experience positive and thereby allowing our customers to enjoy the entire process.
I am most passionate about making a long term impact in people’s lives. Nucros helps change and improve people’s lifestyle for a lifetime. It gives them an opportunity to learn and develop better eating habits, which in turn enhances both their physical and mental health. They become more confident about their body image and also themselves. It also helps reverse chronic health conditions such as diabetes, PCOS etc and moreover, also minimizes adverse effects such as risk of heart-disease, cancer etc. by using food and natural ingredients instead of medicines. My vision is to create a world where nobody will have to compromise with taste in order to achieve their health goals. Nucros’ mission is to provide complete convenience and deliver nutrient-calculated and macros-calculated tasty & healthy meals on a subscription basis right to your doorstep.
Q. Why do you feel Nutrigenomics & DNA based diets will be at the helm of cutting edge nutrition in the future. What exactly does it mean?
A. Today, all of us suffer from some health issue or the other, primarily due to the lifestyle we lead or the food we eat. However, despite knowing the problem, most of us are unable to correctly diagnose or provide a solution to the problem. This is where nutrigenomics steps in.
Nutrigenomics is nothing but the study of the link between genes, your body and how your diet affects it. As the future is evolving and we are getting closer and closer to precision medicine, it is also important to get precision diagnostics. With the help of a detailed screening between the nutritionist and the client and your current blood parameters, we are able to correlate your past and present to give accurate recommendations based on the predictive insights provided by your DNA report.
Your unique DNA informs us about how your body responds to food and exercise regimens differently. They also influence your metabolic rate, food intolerances & sensitivities, circadian rhythm management, nutrient need, susceptibility to injury, bone health, tendon and ligament strength.
For the procedure, we do a pre-screening consultation with the nutritionist, after which sample is collected and the lab takes 15-21 days to process and generate the report. Following which a consultation is done with the nutritionist who explains findings of the report and provides recommendations along with a personalized diet chart.
Q. It’s about subscription, meal plan, service directly to your doorstep. How does Nucros Science operate? 
A. We first launched the brand amongst family and friends for beta-testing review. After incorporating their feedback and collaborating with the delivery partners, we fully launched the business in July 2020. Simply put, consumers can simply fill up a form at our website, post which they would receive a call from our nutritionist. That call will discuss the subscriber’s goals and their medical history, based on which the nutritionist prepares their diet plans which are vetted and approved by our team of dedicated doctors. The diet plan is then shared with the Chefs who then prepares the fresh meals which are then delivered to the subscriber’s house daily.
Q. Interestingly Sakshi all of you at the helm of Nucros science had robust health care backgrounds. That coupled with the first mover advantage in this arena makes it a huge potential for success. 
1. How many subscribers do you have till date. Where all do they come from which pockets?
A. We have had over 500 customers to date, ranging from working professionals, athletes, bureaucrats and women concerned with various aspects of health whether it be managing their weight, hormonal issues, getting pregnant, lactation and their child’s nutrition.
2. How does your revenue stream Operate? 
A. We have a subscription based model
Q. What are the goals & game black for Nucros science the next 2 to 3 years. How do you plan to grow exponentially & access & draw in more subscribers? 
Most subscribers achieve their health goals in a target span of 2-3 months and thus do not re subscribe to the plan. To combat this issue, we have diversified our business portfolio into balanced meal plans for families and corporates and retail products as alternate revenue streams. These new offerings have enabled us to hold on to the customer even after they discontinue. Our future plans include expansion to other tier-1 markets for our meal subscription program. We are also planning to grow our retail products for different health concerns such as smoothie premixes for boosting fertility, pregnancy and lactation and healthier food swaps for insulin resistance, etc.

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