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Royalty Instagrammed!

CultureRoyalty Instagrammed!

I have scratched my head inside out—so much so that my clipped-to-the-finger-tip nails have gone raw and sore in the exercise—and yet remain at sea. If one craves so very much for privacy as to making no bones of having to part with an arm and leg to get it, then why ever go globally public, where there’s little else to do except whining, complaining and blaming?! Here I am referring to Meghan and Harry’s interview with talk-show Queen Bee, Oprah Winfrey, aired on March 7th. Re-eally could anything be more in public face than making a grand appearance to opera-istically sing one’s heart out on `Oprah’. And as, has more prominently come to light in the past 20 days, speaking, as in airing disapproval and disappointment over the Royal Couple’s No-Holds-Barred talkathon, then be ready to be branded a racist…to be pelted with stones prior to which, eggs are thrown your way. For the stones to stick, perhaps…freedom of voicing an opinion, now tantamounting to racism if the standpoint or stance pertains to a person who is not `White’. In other words, presenting a point of view which does not sit well with somebody who is of black or brown or daresay, purple descent then prepare to be twitter fodder, the recipient of a tirade of clunkily worded messages that some years back—before the social media handle jumped into the driver’s seat steering our lives in every direction—would go by the name, `hate-mail’. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to `step down as working members of the Royal Family’ in early January of 2020, not quite two years after their Wedding Royale on May 19th, 2018. Fine. The reason they cited or Prince Harry, for the most, promptly taking the mike, playing spokesperson for the Missus and himself were: need to move on, away, to be far from the public gaze, the ever-present Press, to swim out of the fish bowl for finally being able to surf the oceans, to be able to make a living of their own, cutting the umblical chord with the Royal Purse. Fine one said, while in the same breath wondering over this expeditious decision, given that well up to now Harry seemed pretty comfy playing Prince. So off the couple go with Baby Archie or was the bonnie baby already across the Atlantic, sent as an `advance party’ out of the United Kingdom?! (Don’t quite recall, but the point is not whether the newly-weds leapt over the pond with Baby Archie in their arms or not.) Shall come to what the point is, in a while. Aah yes, here did not think it was necessary to mention that the then 38-year old Meghan Markle was of mixed race, her father White and mother, an African-American, since everyone knew so, and her lineage was freely marketed. Like a trump card, if you ask me. As this pen glides by, I can quite already feel guns trained on me. However, I determinedly stick to my guns. The pair announced retreat from their Royal duties on Instagram taking the Palace aback. Now, would not Commoners, like me and you, make known to their family— to Mä, Pa, Grandparents, brother etc. that we have decided to move out of the house, because of `this’ disgruntlement or `that’ displeasure or simply because they—with love intact for the clan—wanted to branch out on their own, or would we go to Instagram, making public, reasons for moving to pastures new?! There is, is there not, a protocol in every family?! Not one that comes with a Royal Seal, right?! So why, in Heaven’s would one let the family come to know of their imminent plans of breaking away from the `khandaan’ via Instagram?! First, they broadcast to everyone lending them their ears that Canada would be their decided destination. Then early on, after their departure, Harry thinks he should take stage and so delivers a speech at J.P.Morgan’s Bank Summit at the 1 Hotel in Miami, Florida. For but of course, an undisclosed princely sum. Quite clearly the, `itching in need to find fashionable grazing ground’ couple did not give Canada enough time to grow roots; again hurriedly packing bags, to head for sun-kissed California. Initially resting head as house guests of Hollywood Celebrities at Beverly Hills. (Post-Oprah Interview, visiting Will Smith, the Prince of Bel Air!) They, now have `on-their-own-steam’ acquired a sprawling stately estate in the high-end parts of green tea swilling, designer yoga mats strewn Los Angeles, Santa Barbara county to be exact; a far cry from London and England’s lush-green country side, home to charming castles. Now is the part to get back to, `The Interview’! Not enough space to get into the hold-on-to-the-misty-eyed-look of Meghan’s or Oprah’s, `Oh, my Gawd expressions!’ with voice getting choky after hearing that the Duchess had contemplated suicide, (so stifled was she), that the skin colour of her yet-to-be-born baby had been part of a household conversation, but to put forth certain facts. (Unfortunately, would have wanted to touch upon besotten Prince Harry’s bleating, whimpering all over town, his fault finding of father Charles, who he, says had stopped taking his calls after he bid adieu to `The Firm’, he, of all people, should’ve understood. Of how Grandma Elizabeth had shut doors on him after granting visitation rights. Only to be told after deplaning from L.A. or wherever, that her weekly diary was full of engagements, and thus, she did not have the time of the day to accommodate him. Here, `Wifey’ adding with a flourish, that the Queen had little say, acceding to her advisers and other Royal participants. Of him feeling like being, `thrown under the bus’ by brother William’s aides rooting for the senior Prince, so as to outstrip him. Sibling rivalry has existed since the beginning of time. Now who dare tell the yelping younger this?! Talk of Tell-All Interviews and this is the King of All! Questions: why this need for space, away from the public view war-cry?! Way before the Oprah Exposition, what about them merging as a power couple merchandising themselves, by running down Buckingham Palace?! `Finding Freedom’, did not make it to New York Times Bestsellers’ list without their nod; how else would those close to the pair divulge how they had been no-platformed by the Royal family?
Hollywood is just a stretch of a hand away from Harry & Meghan’s grasp, and yes, there’s plenty of fanfare there for them to reinvent themselves…

Dr Renée Ranchan writes on socio-psychological issues, quasi-political matters and concerns that touch us all

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